You Can and Will Make It Through

You overcame so much that no one will ever fully understand.
You never gave up!
You survived and you continue to push forward.
Stop being so hard on yourself.
Stop being disappointed in yourself.
Stop judging yourself.
You’ve come way too far to start doubting yourself right now.
Just believe in yourself even when it seems hard to.
Remember your inner strength; you’ve used it so many times to overcome so many things.

We really don’t give ourselves enough credit.
We work so hard to get to where we are, only to feel like we’re not there yet.
This is a vicious cycle that can make you get into a chasing go the next moment instead of embracing how far you’ve come.
Take credit for trying.
Take credit for your progress.
The little things matter.
We always think that success means that final result or a sudden leap from where you are to where you are to where you want to be.
However, it’s those baby steps, those small accomplishments, and those days where you want to give up, but you try a little harder that counts.
I hope you stop being so hard on yourself.
You are making a lot of improvements whether it’s mental, physical, or spiritual.
Just because you don’t see the changes right away doesn’t mean you aren’t getting better.

Everything is adding up on an energy level and soon it will manifest.
Don’t doubt yourself.
Before patient and loving with yourself.
Tell yourself that you are good enough.
That you are worthy of great blessings.
This is a sign for you, a sign to not give up on yourself.
A sign to have hope and a sign to believe in yourself.
Give yourself credit.
You are trying and you are a work in progress.
Just wanted to say that I am proud of you.

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