Mental Health Commandments Part 1

Let’s get straight to it…This post does not need a preamble

  • Prioritise growth, learn, ask questions, go to museums, visit libraries, watch old films, listen to good music, take your vitamins, sing in the shower, try journalling, talk to yourself, learn to soothe yourself, talk to people, discuss intelligently, reassess yourself, reexamine your life and change accordingly.
  • Just breathe. Sometimes, the only solution is to breathe. Oscar Wilde said, “everything is going to be fine in the end.” and John Lennon added, “if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.” Inhale, exhale, breathe. Sometimes, it’s all you need.
  • Protect your own light by staying away from people who are toxic, who cause drama and emit negativity. It doesn’t matter if they’re a lover, a family, or a friend, you have a soul to protect and an emotional health to strengthen. Distance yourself from the people who never help with your self development. Be wise to discern who truly loves you unconditionally and who are only there for benefits. You don’t want the wrong people draining all your light.
  • Travel. Travel alone. Go somewhere you’ve never been and absorb the culture. Talk to the locals you might have different life philosophies with but listen to them anyway. To travel is to learn and if you’re lucky, you end up learning more about yourself. It’s a roller coaster life, you might as well enjoy the ride.
  • Practice gratitude. Try not to complain. Try to be a balanced pessimist/optimist for there are benefits to being both. You must always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst. Realise there is no sense in worrying or stressing or overthinking. Do not waste time on useless pursuits but only pursue those that will be an addition to yourself and to your life. Remember, you only have one life, so take care of it, don’t waste it, and live it the best damn way you can.

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