Mental Health Commandments Part 2

  • Share. Be generous. Donate to organisations that help with disaster relief, that try to solve world hunger, orgs that place importance on education the next generation. Contribute to making our world a better place. Use your talents and skills for the betterment of humanity. Make it a goal to give because this is one of thee noblest human endeavours. According to Einstein, “only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile” and you’ll see how giving can be healing.
  • Take care of your best connections. Be wise of the bridges you build and burn the ones you do not need. Sometimes, there are attachments that don’t serve you anymore and might be the very weight hindering your growth. Be selective of the minds you spend time with, you eventually become them. This one life is your only shot, it’s your right to go after what you think is best.
  • Realise that not everyone will like who you are. You could be thee Sun itself but some people would still prefer a cloudy day or rain, if everyone likes you, then you have a problem. It means you are not standing for anything and this puts you at risk to falling for anything. Be firm with the virtues you stand for.
  • Find out what nourishes you soul and do it. Live your purpose. Pursue your happiness, chase your dreams. Always remember everything external is beyond your control. You only have control over your own actions. It is possible to master calmness. You must surround yourself with the people who makes you better, who makes you happy, and who only wish your success. Be yourself at all times. Embrace your flaws and it will become your armour.
  • Never let anyone or anything obstruct the aforementioned list. You are strong enough for anything. Remember, life is surrendering, and the earlier we accept this truth, the earlier we can endure and enjoy through the struggles. Seek the truth always and hold onto it. Live and love, before it all ends.

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