People Who Experience Mental Abuse

Abuse of the mind can be severe. However, because this maltreatment can manifest in a variety of ways, it can be easy to dismiss or overlook. The person on the receiving end dismisses it. As a result, friends, coworkers, and family members frequently fail to recognise it.

If you’ve been subjected to mental abuse, you may accept or minimise responsibility for the humiliation, verbal abuse, and other ill-treatment you endured.

Before jumping to conclusions, seek to understand. Here are a few things someone who’s been mentally abused might do :

  • People who have experienced one type of mental abuse, whether big or small, may apologise frequently.
  • Even during a minor argument, their emotions might start to flare up and cause them a lot of pain.
  • Since they’ve been mentally abused in the past, it could be common for them to keep their guard up as high as possible to prevent a repeat event; even with those who are not a threat.
  • Criticism can be difficult to deal with for many people. Even the smaller critique could inflict harm to a prison that has been mentally abused.
  • With the fear of being taken advantage of again, they may be unwilling to express their feelings.
  • They are great and accomplished people, but deep down they still feel like there’s this expectation bar to jump over that keeps getting higher and higher.

Be patient with yourself and others, you never truly know what’s going on in someone else’s head.

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