Signs You Are Due For A Break

We all need a break at some point, but perhaps you need one RIGHT NOW. You may claim that you are far too busy to take a break or that you are unable to let go at this time. These are both indicators that you need to take a break RIGHT NOW.

If you find yourself saying any of the following, take a day off, turn off your computer and all notifications, and get away.

  • You’re lacking the motivation to do anything.
  • You’re finding it hard to concentrate or focus.
  • You’re becoming easily irritated.
  • You’re not sleeping or able to rest very well.
  • You’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed.
  • You’re finding it hard to enjoy your favourite things.
  • You feel unwell most days.

So are you due for a break?


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  1. Elaine says:

    I’m actually taking a break at the moment 😊. I’m usually rather good at dropping tools when I experience any of the above. It’s so important to realise when it’s necessary for both mind and body to take a rest. Thanks for sharing.


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