Stop Glorifying Self Care

Your self care doesn’t have to be instagrammable. Self care is not one-size-fits-all; it needs to respond to your needs. Self care can be anything that nourishes you in the present or encourages future goals.

Sometimes self care is boring, like paying your bills, cleaning your home, booking a therapy session, or taking a shower. Sometimes self-care doesn’t look peaceful and serene; your self care might look like an intense workout, playing a video game, or going for a drive and listening to music. Consider your own needs before your IG feed.

Here’s your gentle reminder that your self-care still matters, even if it doesn’t look fancy or instagrammable. Self care is much more than bubble baths and candles (although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those things); what matters is that it works for YOU and responds to YOUR needs.

Today, my self care was going for a run and enjoying a nice home cooked meal. What will you do or did as self care today? What is your favourite form of self care?

16 responses to “Stop Glorifying Self Care”

  1. Definitely a great point. It’s not how you self-care but that you self-care. Self-care is about meeting your needs mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; making sure that you don’t fall into the cracks as you care for the others around you. Also includes, setting and keeping your boundaries. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Glad you liked the post. The term ‘self-care’ is so tricky because in this day and age, any sort of phrase gets co-opted so quickly. It’s hard to separate the true meaning of it through all of the marketing noise swirling around it. It’s not just about taking baths and doing your nails. It’s about finding processes in your life that make you the most productive and happiest version of yourself. Making lists the night before is my go-to. If I don’t do a list the night before, I feel entirely lost with what the next day holds, and I wake up with a lot of anxiety.

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    • Definitely. The old saying goes Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Personally proper hygiene to me is quite crucial, firstly so you won’t smell bad like a skunk, secondly because we do shed off thousands of cells a day, best to keep yourself clean.

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