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Aromatherapy Across Disciplines

As well as being a highly valued healing method all of its own, aromatherapy can be combined with other disciplines to boost their effectiveness and impact.

As you will discover, the range of disciplines which aromatherapy can be combined with is wide. It can be used with different forms of healing including Reiki and the laying on of hands which work on the Chakras and aura as well as with herbal remedies. It can be used with forms of activity that stimulate the physical and energy body, such as Yoga and Tai Chi, and those that calm the mind, such as different forms of meditation.

Frangano Fortunes – Aromatherapy can be used to enhance psychic work like fortune telling, and activities like spell casting. Whether it be bathing, anointing, burning in an oil burner, use on pillows and handkerchiefs, use in charms or other methods, there is an application suited to most situations. As long as you bear in mind the properties of oils and their cautions and choose those relevant, your day can be filled with fragrance. Combine mood enhancing fragrances of essential oils with almost any other form of natural healing or divination.

What can’t you use oils for?

As aromatherapy is a complementary therapy, there are very few healing or divining techniques that you can’t combine it with. For Thai massage and Shaistu practitioners, essential oils are generally considered unsuitable as part of a treatment. This is because the massage session is best performed fully clothed so as to allow the giver to sense energy with no distractions and to prevent friction burn.

External Use – Obviously a ritual that is based around or includes a different set of smells for example, smudging, will clash with aromatherapy as the scents will fight for dominance. Finally, you must always bear in mind that essential oils should never betaken orally, which means that they cannot be added to any herbal remedy or other healing techniques that is to be eaten or drunk. Of course, you can always consume your remedy while burning your blend in a vaporiser.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/40/59/89/4059898e871638ba528fe4d1207c818e.jpg

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