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Aromatherapy For Easing Heartbreak

When the emotions of grief and loss are combined with feelings of isolation and depression it can seem like your heart is breaking.

When a relationship comes to an end and a person is lost from your life, it can leave you feeling heartbroken. You feel pain not just for their loss but for all the potentials that are terminated at the same time, plans for the future, shared dreams, passions and goals.

Repair The Damage – During periods of heartbreak you can become separated from your surroundings, distanced from those close to you, and very self indulgent if left to wallow in your misery. To allow joy to return to your life use essential oils to fill your environment with uplifting fragrances, and wear perfumes and take luxurious scented baths to repair your self esteem. Burning essential oils in your home can help to restore a broken heart.

Blending Oils to Help Heal HeartBreak – All of these blends should be made using 35ml base oils are are suitable for use in a bath, perfume or room spray.

  • Restoring Optimism – 2 drops pine + 3 drops chamomile/3 drops lavender + 2 drops benzoin
  • Returning To The World – 3 drops petitgrain + 2 drops Melissa/1 drop rose + 4 drops sandalwood
  • Mourning For Loss of Plans – 4 drops bergamot + 3 drops marjoram/1 drop rose + 2 drops frankincense
  • Letting Go of Heartbreak – 2 drops basil + 2 drops marjoram/3 drops lavender + 3 drops ylang ylang

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/cc/3b/e4/cc3be4a075ac937ec8c3a1fa0643283e.jpg

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