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Combination Healing

With so much information about aromatherapy and Yoga at your fingertips, how do you put it all together? Find out how to select essential oils to complement your postures.

Aromatherapy and the 12 Asanas

It is possible to choose a different essential oil to compliment each Asana.

  • For example, the Scorpion pose aids circulation and deep breathing, which improves concentration by supplying the brain with oxygen rich blood. Burning oils to stimulate the circulation and respiration will maximise the benefits of this pose : peppermint oil improves circulation and also stimulates the production of red blood cells in the spleen, while thyme oil has an expectorant action that helps improve respiration.
  • If you were performing the Bow to aid with digestive discomforts, choose digestive tonics such as Palmarosa oil (good for a sluggish digestive system) or sage (for digestion and liver congestion). These could be applied as an abdominal massage blend.
  • Unfortunately, it isn’t practical to use more than one or two blends in a single Yoga session. Using an individual blend to complement each Asana would create an unpleasant smell in the room and confuse the senses.
  • Therefore, identify the client’s primary need; for example, if their nervous system needs strengthening they should perform a series of sitting bends using oils that balance and uplift the nervous system such as petitgrain.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e8/7f/d4/e87fd48c2bccb4908f3199c4e2b61542.jpg

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