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Healing With Lemon Oil

Sharp, invigorating lemon oil banishes fatigue, bacteria and oily skin. Its potent properties particularly help to stimulate your immune system.

Zesty lemon is a top note oil with a refreshing citrus scent. It imparts a feeling of health and well-being, lifts the spirits, stimulates the body and cleaned the home. Lemon is a versatile scent that bends well with most other essential oils and gives a lift to heavier aromas.

Boost Your Circulation

Lemon invigorates the immune system, helping the body’s defences to fight disease. An effective heart tonic, it boosts a sluggish circulation and helps reduce high blood pressure. Its detoxifying action can also stimulate the digestion and relieve acid stomachs. Lemon oil has a short shelf life. Purchase it in small quantities and try to use it within three months.

Active Ingredients of Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is composed of monoterpenes with traces of aldehydes and furocoumarins.

  • Monoterpenes – Monoterpenes are responsible for lemon oil’s antiseptic and stimulating actions. They also provide its expectorant and decongestant properties. The principle monoterpenes is limonene, which makes up approximately 70 per cent of lemon oil.
  • Aldehydes – Aldehydes such as citral and germinal give lemon its light, yet sharp odour. Cirtal can be a powerful irritant, but in lemon oil its potent bite is punched by limonene.
  • Furocoumarins – Lemon oil contains tiny but active quantities of furocoumarins, which can cause sensitivity to sunlight. To avoid any adverse skin reactions do not use the oil before sunbathing.

Most lemon oil is a by product from lemons used in the food industry. The best quality lemon oil is that extracted from the peel by hand. Cleansing lemon is often included as an ingredient in soaps and its scent used to fragrance rooms. Lemon juice can also be drunk as an aid to digestion. Lemon adds sparkle and brightness to your home, bringing in the cent of the sunny Mediterranean.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/31/bd/41/31bd4129bc1c37c559e2786aec8e4a49.jpg

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      Most welcome. Glad you liked the natural tips.

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