All About Chitosan

Chitosan is actually pronounced as “Kite-o-san”. Chitosan is an biological polysaccharides much like cellulose found in leaves. It is extracted from the exoskeletons of crabs, lobsters and other marine life. It is an indigestible fibre which means it has a calorie content of Okcal. It is advised that before taking Chitosan you take Vitamins A, D, E and K, as these are fat soluble vitamins that require fat to be absorbed.

Here are a few health benefits of Chitosan :

  • Chitosan is attracted to Fats, also known as lipophilic. Chitosan binds to dietary fats and prevents us from absorbing them.
  • Chitosan can help you to lose weight. Chitosan helps to promote the body’s detoxing mechanism and promote regular bowel movements. Furthermore, due to its fibrous structure it helps to bulk the stomach’s volume and increase satiety.
  • Chitosab chewing gum, mouthwash or tooth paste has been seen to be effective in reducing dental cavities.
  • It can also be used to treat Chrons disease. One study found that Chitosan decreased the volume of fat in feaces and increase the number of bowel movements during which time the supplement was taken.
  • There is some evidence to show the Chitosan can effectively clot blood. This knowledge has helped to create bandages containing Chitosan, these are used in Europe.
  • Chitosan has been seen to be effective in treating patients with chronic renal disease. It does so by targeting haemoglobin, creatine and urea. In addition, it helped to increase appetite to these patients.

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