Fixing Hair Loss in Men Part 3

There are many types of hair loss with many different causes. So before you resort to radical and expensive treatments, it’s important to know whether your hair loss could have a simpler solution. There are three common causes for hair loss
– Genetic Causes
– Lifestyle Causes
– Skin Conditions

Today, in this post we will be look at skin causes of hair loss and how to fix them :

Skin & Scalp Causes

1. You May Have Psoriasis – Easily mistaken for dandruff, psoriasis of the scalp causes an overproduction of skin cells visible as large white flakes. This condition can sometimes damage hair follicles and lead to temporary hair loss.

How to Fix it – If you suspect psoriasis is the cause, consult your doctor who can provide treatments such as medicated shampoos. Hair growth should return to normal once this condition is treated.

Here are some home remedies for psoriasis >

2. You May Have Seborrheic Dermatitis – A harmless skin condition sometimes found on the scalp, indicated by small red patches that are often itchy. This is caused by an inflammatory response in your scalp and can cause hair loss in large patches on the head.

How to Fix it – Try to avoid scratching as this can lead to a secondary infection, then seek advice and treatment from your doctor, hair growth should resume once the scamp is less inflamed.

Aloe vera works wonders with dermatitis, tap to learn more >

Reference :

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