Daily Dose of Self Love

Welcome to the Daily Dose of Self Love. This series will be about self love, self care, self esteem and self worth. Basically everything related with SELF. My aim with this series is to give you a daily boost of self love and self care. We all get busy with our lives and sometimes it leaves us less or no time to take time for ourselves, be with ourselves, wash off all the negativity that we accumulated during the day with self love, meditation, etc. The daily boost will be in an easy to understand and more importantly something which is relatable. So Welcome!!

Self Love Practice Tip #50

In today’s post we will continue to talk about the diet culture. How do you get rid of that guilt or shame for eating the so called “Bad Food”? There are so many diet programs out their but why are people still obese because we are teaching people to suppress that appetite instead of teaching health. They are not selling you health, they are selling you weight loss. That’s not going to help anyone because life happens, your weight will change, and if you are going to constantly monitor your food and cravings, you will hurt yourself mentally. So now diet culture doesn’t take anything into account mentally either. So it is not a healthy way of anything. So that’s where you have to start enjoying your food. Start staying positive things about food just like we learned how to say positive things about body. Its like if I need a bagel (Yessss, now please), there is a repeated story in my head which is going to make think about the calories, carbs are bad, stay away from it or it will go straight to your hips and thighs. You know all these negative things is not going to take us anywhere. Hush that inner critic, that diet culture critic, go ahead and get that bagel, eat it and enjoy it.

Hope this helped. Come back tomorrow for more self love inspiration. Till then here’s more on diet culture >https://empress2inspire.blog/2021/02/18/daily-dose-of-self-love-49/

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