Substance Misuse Truth

It’s more than just kids experimenting. Who’s misusing drugs, alcohol or tobacco? Probably not who you think.

It could be the:

  • Student athlete who has knee surgery. He’s given an opioid for pain and gets addicted without realizing it.
  • Academic scholar who takes her friend’s ADHD medicine to help get the grades to get into a choice college.
  • Preteen who feels the pressure to fit in. She has a family history of dependence and doesn’t know it. She uses her mom’s prescriptions to feel good again.
  • Fed-up teen who parties with alcohol and pot on the weekends to rebel his helicopter mom.
  • Middle schooler who huffs (sniffs) glue or paint snatched from art class to videotape as her YouTube challenge.
  • Insecure teen who doesn’t fit in with students in his grade. He starts vaping nicotine with an older neighbor who shares.

Any young person is vulnerable, especially through life changes into puberty and adulthood.

Come back tomorrow to learn more about why does substance abuse happens.

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  1. All of it means that we should be very cautious about using any medication that has a potential to encourage substance abuse!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Right on point Leonardo.


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