Common Baking Mistakes Part 4

When done right, baking can be an incredibly calming and gratifying process, yielding mounds of fresh, hard-earned baked goods. However, when the baking process goes awry it can lead even the most level-headed cook to the brink of madness. After all, baking is a science and the smallest miscalculation or mistake can result in a frustrating finished product that doesn’t hit the mark or fails altogether.

Here’s how to fix common baking mishaps :

Cookies Harden After Cooling
– Make sure overnight temperature is accurate with over temperature.
– Is using a dark cookie sheet, reduce temperature by 25F.
– Grease cookie sheets sparingly, or use parchment paper.

Storage Changed Cookie Consistency
– Always cool cookies completely before storing.
– Don’t combine crisp and soft cookies in the same container.
– Store in airtight containers.
– Store soft cookies with apple edge to retain moisture.
– “Recrisp” crisp cookies by baking at 300F for five minutes and cool on rack.
– Don’t refrigerate cookies unless they have a cream or custard filling.

Melted Chocolate Clumping
– Add a small amount of vegetable oils and stir.

Hope you liked the baking and cooking mistakes series.

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