Life Hacks for Eating Healthy Part 1


Many of us want to eat better, but wanting and doing are two very different things. Turn those noble intentions into actions by trying out these simple life hacks designed to improve your diet and your overall health in the process.

  • Eat the healthiest food on your plate first. This way, you will be less likely to binge on less healthier items.
  • To suppress your appetite sniff a banana or an apple. To suppress sweet cravings, sniff something vanilla scented.
  • Place snacks in a hard to reach place that requires a step ladder. This will make you less likely to binge on snacks.
  • Keep a food journal by writing down what you eat, you will be more mindful of your food choices.
  • Eat on smaller plates for the most part. We can get full by what is placed in front of us regardless of portion size.
  • Always have healthy food on sight, like a fruit bowl. The sight of healthy food can help remind you to eat healthier.
  • Chew gum to curb appetite in between meals.

Come back tomorrow for more healthier eating options.

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