All About Inositol

Inositol is also knowns as Vitamin B8 despite not being a vitamin at all. Here is a science part. If it is not a vitamin, what is it? Technically Inositol is a Pseudo-vitamin, a compound called Cyclohexane, but in an alcohol form. It name Inositol comes from the Greek Language “inos” meaning “muscle” from which it was first extracted in 1850. However, they did not realise its benefits to health until the mid 1990s’.

The active form found in foods is called mayo-inositol. Despite there being no formal recommendation for Inositol, it is thought that 300-1000mg/day should suffice. Inositol is found in a lot of familiar foods such as cantaloupe melon and oranges. It is also found in brown rice, liver and green leafy vegetables, but in small quantities.

Here are few health benefits of Inositol :

  • Inositol has been associated with the improvement of a number of disorders including, high cholesterol, schizophrenia, psoriasis, ADHD and Polycystic ovaries syndrome.
  • Inositol is capable diverting and breaking down fats. In particular it prevents dangerous fats from forming. Inositol prevents them from forming near the liver, or other organs.
  • To make its ability to divert fats more efficient Inositol is found in clusters around the body including around the heart and brain. Places in which excessive fat stores could be incredibly dangerous and precursors for disease.
  • Polycystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS) is a difficult disorder to treat as there are a number of ailments to consider. One study found Inositol managed to regulate skewed metabolic parameters (glucose and hormone metabolism) associated with PCOS.
  • The same study found that it helped reduce its participant’s weight by up to 1.86kg, which is a well known, and simple method of managing PCOS symptoms.

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