All About Cordyceps Sinensis


The cordyceps sinensis is a mushroom of the Funghi family. The name comes from the Latin language, “Cordy” which roughly translates as “Club Head” and “Sinensis” meaning “from China”. The name it thought to describe its unusual appearance. It is native to the Himalayan Mountains. This is how it developed its unique resistance to high altitudes, harsh weather and fluctuating temperatures.

Cordyceps Sinensis has been used as medicine for the over 2000 years particularly in Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Cultures. In 1993, history was made when three Chinese athletes broke 5 world records in the Beijing National Games. They accredited their won to consuming Cordyceps Sinensis. It is a peculiar type of fungi that is incredibly rare. It developed from the Fungal mummification of the Bat-moth Caterpillar. This is then harvested and used in supplements.

The active ingredient of Cordyceps is called Cordycepin. However, is also contains Mannitol, Glucosamine and Sodium.

Here are the health benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis :

  • Studies have shown taking Cordyceps on a regular basis can reduce your bad LDL cholesterol by up to 21% and increase your good HDL cholesterol by up to 30.8%.
  • Some studies have also shown Cordyceps can improve Liver Health. One trial found a 78.6% improvement in elements of the liver function test.
    Cordyceps sinensis is packed full of Antioxidants. These precent damaging free radicals from oxidising our tissues. Therefore it strengthens your immune system keeping you free from disease.
  • Cordyceps is known as nature’s aphrodisiac, it thought to improve blood flow, improve the body’s ability to use oxygen, and enhance reproductive functions.
  • Cordyceps is known as an adaptogen. Adaptogens help the body deal with Physical Stress. Studies have shown it’s an energizing adaptogen as it is able to boost the body’s ability to produce ATP.

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