Weight Loss Myths Part 3

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss can be a cakewalk if you approach it in the correct manner. Simply hearing and reading content online – which is mostly half baked information that is not corroborated by scientific evidence – will not do you any good. There is plenty of misinformation doing the rounds on the internet, from crash diets that can be extremely harmful to one’s health to magic pills that promise a miracle.

To sift through all this information and find credible information can be a cumbersome task (who has the time for it, really!). Thus, to make your weight loss journey a little easier, here is a list of the top myths about weight loss. By the time you finish reading this article, you will be grateful for getting exposed to such MIS-information.

Myth 5 – Physical activity only counts if done for long periods of time.

  • Fact – You do not need aerobic exercise for periods to achieve the ideal 150 to 300 minutes of activity each week. Experts advise doing aerobic activity for periods of 10 minutes or longer at a time. You can divide these sessions over the course of a week.
  • Tips – Doing a physical activity at least 10 minutes three times a day 5 or more days a week will help you meet the 150 minutes goal. While at work, take a brief walking break or use the stairs. Get off the bus one step early. Gather your friends and organise a physical activity program or just a simple sport like volleyball or basketball. Whether for a short or long period of time, bursts of activity may add up the total amount of physical activity you need each week.

Myth 6 – Eating meat is bad for my health and makes it harder to lose weight.

  • Fact – Eating lean meat in email amounts can be part of a healthy plan to lose weight. Chicken, fish, pork and red meat contain some cholesterol and saturated fat, but these foods also contain healthy nutrients like iron, protein, and zinc. Bodies need protein to grow muscle and burn fat. Without enough protein, your body will cannibalise the buildup and you will be going in circles trying to reach your goal.
  • Tips – Choose cuts of meat that are lower in fat, and trim off all the fat you can see. Meats that is lower in fat including chicken breast, pork loin, beef round steak, flank steak, and extra lean ground beef. Also, watch portion size. Try to eat meat or poultry in portions of 3 ounces or less. Three ounces is about the size of a deck of cards.

Reference : https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/cbv1mtNnxMiIg7NHV4HY1_Q9VVo49hYHCrJiiDUdXITJ1-9IsDpUubheBfNSkGhWkU1G0iZgRaNXnox_I_vdcoR3pDSSQIU3inFibXoEY4OTp0chS1A8Bn674KckoWQqgk7NiFJOkb8_4MA9ljft0A0Cmv56

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  1. I try to stay consistent with my walking schedule until winter weather brings sporadic interruptions. Exercise plus healthy eating help me to manage my weight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GS says:

      Even after winter, we all can stay active inside the house. Like walk inside the house of jog at one spot :)I have been doing that since the quarantine started 🙂


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