All About White Kwao Krua

The Latin name for White Kwao Krua is the Pueraria Mirifica. The plant is endemic to Thailand and Myanmar. The herb has been used in Thailand for an estimated 700 years. Its name roughly translates to an early saying meaning “fountain of youth”, “Puer” meaning “child” and “mirifica” meaning “miracle.

There is evidence of its use in the 13th contrary AD. They used its extract very similarly to us, for disorders associated with female hormones. A famous piece of historical text describes the benefits of consuming it, “The benefits of this medicine is to support memory, talk big, and be able to remember three books of the astrology, make the skin smooth like six year old kid, live more than 1000 years and parasite disease are not able to be of trouble.”

White Kwao Krua is rich in Pytoestrogens. The botanical equivalent of female reproductive hormone, oestrogen. Here are some health benefits :

  • White Kwao Krua has been linked with improvement in PMS, Menopause, hot flushes and mood swings. Once they took a small group of menopausal women. They found that taking daily doses of White Kwao Krua relieved the women of dry skin, irregular periods, acne, insomnia and hot flushes.
  • Some women take Pueraria Mirifica for natural breast enlargement. A study found that a low daily dosage of the herbal resulted in a 9% enlargement and 40% recording of improved firmness. Another study providing a much higher dose saw an 82% enlargement over a 2 month period.
  • Seeing as it is nicknamed the “Fountain of youth” it is believed that White Kwao Krua can improve blood flow to the skin, thus improving skin texture, memory, and even slow down the greying process.
  • Some even swear by White Kwao Krua as a way of reducing brittle bones. Particularly after menopause, in the first few years of the process up 20% of bone mass is lost. Some smaller studies have shown that plant oestrogen (phytoestrogen) helps to reduce this.

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