Top Myths About the Human Brain Part 1


While researchers are still uncovering the secrets of how the brain works, they have discovered plenty of information about what goes on inside your head. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of brain myths out there.

The following are just a few of the many myths about the brain :

Myth 1 – We only use 10% of our brains. PET and MRI scans show that much more than 10% of the brain is used during even simple tasks.

Myth 2 – The brain declines as we get older. Though some cognitive functions do decline as we get older, plenty of our mental skills actually improve with age. Vocabulary, linguistic comprehension, conflict resolution and emotional regulation are just a few areas in which older brains can perform better than their younger counterparts.

Myth 3 – Brian damage is always permanent. The myth that we are born with a finite number of brain cells has perpetuated the idea that brain damage is permanent. But, we now know that the brain can develop new connections to substitute for ones which are broken and “reroute” functions through healthy areas.

Myth 4 – The brain is hard-wired. One of the most enduring myths about the brain is that specific areas were responsible for specific functions. In fact, the brain is remarkably flexible. A good example of this is that the brain of a blind person can “rewire” part of their brain responsible for sight to improve their hearing.

Myth 5 – Left-brained people are organised, right brained people are creative. Though there are parts of the brain that are generally reserved for specific functions, both sides of the brain are used together. The claims that we rely on one side of our brain, or that a left/right orientation signifies creativity or organisation, have been disproved.

Come back tomorrow for more myths.

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