Healthy vs Unhealthy Exercise Habits

When we hear the word ‘exercise,’ we naturally think of health. There’s a good reason for this, of course; exercise has a great number of mental and physical benefits. However, just like all good things, it’s possible to take exercise to extremes. When exercise is taken too far, it stops being healthy and can become damaging. If you’re unsure whether you or a loved one have taken an exercise habit too far, read the list below and see if anything strikes you as familiar.

Unhealthy Habits

  • Exercising to burn calories.
  • Exercising to lose weight.
  • Exercising to sculpt your body.
  • Believing you must exercise at the gym to get benefits of movement.
  • Adhering to an exercise regimen you don’t enjoy
  • Exercising so much that you do not feel well.
  • Feeling inadequate that you body can’t perform a certain exercise, lift a certain amount of weight, run a certain speed etc.
  • Thinking you’re too fat to run, practice yoga dance, etc.
  • feeling guilty when you take a rest day.
  • Feeling guilty

Healthy Habits

  • Exercising to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Incorporating a variety of movement into your day.
  • Exercising in comfortable clothing and environments.
  • Allowing yourself a rest day (or week) if that is what you need, guilt-free.
  • Not using exercise as a way to “absolve” food choices
  • Choosing a type of movement that feels right in the moment.
  • Appreciating all that your body can do.
  • Recognising the ways exercise makes you feel good that have nothing to do with your appearance.
  • Leaving behind social media, personalities and gym culture that makes you feel bad about yourself.
  • Finding an exercise professional you like to show you how to safely person exercises you’re interested in learning.

Hope this helps you in setting the right expectations and routines for exercise.

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  1. telugubloggersreenadh says:

    Healthy content, thanks for sharing.

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    1. GS says:

      Most welcome. If your fitness routine has been less than consistent over the past few months, you’re likely not alone. Summer is a unique season: longer days often consist of making after-work plans with friends, taking family vacations and and spending weekends at outdoor barbecues or the beach — not hours logged inside a gym.

      And while the warm weather does provide ample opportunity to be active outdoors, a more erratic schedule can make it difficult to schedule it in consistently. Now that fall is here and work and family obligations tend to fall back in line, we can make fitness a more consistent part of our routine again.

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  2. Many thanks for the post

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    1. GS says:

      Most welcome. These are simple things most people are unaware of!!

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  3. Ümraniye travesti Nefes 05398109517 says:


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