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Ancient Spiritual Ideas

The spiritual journey is an ancient one. Who knows when it truly began for the human species. Was it when we became conscious of ourselves as bipedal creatures roaming the vastness of this blue green planet? Was it when we humans realised the inevitability of our own mortality?

These questions are indeed highly fascinating yet very difficult not impossible to answer. Nevertheless here below are a list of 5 spiritual ideas that have stood the test of time :

  • The World is Not Real – Many religions, from monotheistic western traditions to the eastern polytheism, have promoted the idea that the world we see is merely an illusion, an untruth that hides the essence of reality, which can only be accessed by the arduous spiritual work of climbing upward through a process of inner transformation.
  • Time is an Illusion – Many ancient religions have spoken of the illusory nature of time, and how spirituality and/or divine unity is beyond the confines of past, present, and future.
  • Our Actions Matter – Religious scriptures are myths from around the world – both written (like the Bible) and oral (like storytelling) propose the importance of self-accountability, and that the actions of an individual really do affect the world around them.
  • Death is Not the End – Ancient texts and artistic forms of expression are replete with examples of the belief in an afterlife. People in different traditions have different views of what the afterlife might look like, but they all agree with the idea that death is not the end.
  • Thoughts Create Reality – Prayers, rituals, and focused intentions are common themes throughout the religions of the world on every continent. But moreover, many traditions also placed emphasis on the power of our very thoughts to make changes around us, through concepts such as a good eye or evil eye, for example.

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  1. Hi Garima,

    I think of the tangible world as the rind of an eternal life underneath. Think of a hot molten living core and a cooling (dying) crust on the outside.

    Time is a warm up for the real eternal life coming. I think history is the story of man’s fall, redemption and seeing a new beautiful story beginning.

    Actions do matter. God made us in His image and His power is in His words. Acting on faith we can apply the Bible’s truth’s and how the world not be changed.

    Amen about death not being the end. Even Gandalf the wizard commented that death is our release from the battles of this Earth and an ushering into the beauty of eternity. Paul mentioned that no eye has seen or ear heard what the Lord has prepared for His children.

    I do believe that God’s promises are real things that can come to life if we apply them. I really am fascinated by the idea of living words and how we have power to bless or hurt with our words. The Bible does say to watch our tongue. It is a fire that can easily do damage if not managed wisely.

    Thank you for such great themes. I didn’t want to get preachy, just thinking about these themes play out in real life.



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