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Walking Meditation

Yes, for those who can’t sit still. Ready to get Zen? In walking meditation, called “kinhin” in the Zen tradition, practitioners move slowly and continuously while staying aware of the body and mind. In the practice of mindful walking, you place your entire awareness in the process of walking. Walking meditation […]

Be More Mindful

Do you ever consider that mindfulness can be a part of your life? These mindful people are actually doing it! Find out what the followers of mindfulness have been doing differently from your routine! If it inspires you, pick up just one practice and begin. You will find […]

Things Mentally Strong People Do

Everyone wants to be a winner in life. But the road to success is not all smooth sailing. It is paved with challenges and hardship; every now and then life throws you in the deep end. When difficulties and failure knock you off balance even the best can […]

Eradicate Self Doubt

We all care about how others view us—sometimes too much. It used to be one of the only things that mattered to me, but I have been able to break this habit. I have been able to feel confident no matter how people treat me. I have been […]

Make Good Friends

Cultivating lasting, loving friendships takes time and effort; however, I cannot impress on you how important the investment in friends is, in both good times and bad. Here are some ways to create and cultivate lasting friendships: Set Boundaries – Know what is a big no-no for you […]

Stay Strong

Comfort Zone – Kill It!

Sometimes stepping out of one’s comfort zone can amount to a huge phase shift in life, like taking a new job or starting a relationship. Other times the act can be as simple as forgoing a daily routine to do something new and different like socializing with coworkers […]

Relaxing Self Care Routines

Carving out a comfortable and relaxing niche for your peak space can help you focus on your priorities and be more at ease. Choose nurturing and soothing self care items & create your peak space. Here are a few tips which you include in your routine activities for […]

Thank you Uncertainty

How to Overcome Failure

Failure and life go hand in hand. It’s impossible to live your life and not face failure. Many a times we get so caught up in the failure that we lose all power to overcome it. That’s why it’s very important that you learn how to overcome failure. […]

The Secret to Finding Your Passion

Ever say to yourself, “If I could just figure out what I’m really passionate about, everything else will take off”? If so, you’re not alone. One of the most common stumbling blocks to launching a passion-based life is figuring out what you’re passionate about in the first place. […]