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The older I’m getting the more I admire simplicity. I have the urge to simplify my life. By that I mean I only want to spend my time on what is important for me. But the most important questions which halt our zest to simplify are: what is that? &  how can I do it? And that is where we complicate things. Ironical, But True!

As soon as we do something meaningful and hopefully successful in our lives, a once simple idea becomes more and more complex. Somewhere along the road we need to simplify again. If we forget to simplify, life gets more complex, confusing and most likely stressful.

Simplifying your life is about taking inventory of the things that make you happy and allowing them to multiply. It isn’t about the ‘what ifs,’ or the ‘when’s’ or even the ‘if only’s.’ It is about the RIGHT now. Instead of drooling over what you don’t have and want to have – learn to be happy, to find happiness and to be at peace with where you are right now. In this very moment.

Get rid of everything else. EVERYTHING! Sounds easy, right? And it is, as long as you are committed to the end result. Identifying what is important to you is something that you need to do daily, with nearly every decision. It includes people and places that you may feel like you are stuck with. At every fork in the road, you have to identify whether you are working towards something that is important to you, or whether you are going against your innate sense of happiness to do what ‘you feel is right,’ or ‘is necessary,’ or is ‘politically correct.’

Simplifying your life is about ridding yourself of clutter in all facets of life. Whether it is your garage or mental state that is cluttered with junk – now is the time to get rid of it. When you get rid of the old, you make a statement that you are ready to accept the new, simplified, true to your heart things in life that are important to you. And most often, the universe follows suit with your wishes.

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  1. It is good to see a simplify post instead of a meditation post. :0 😉 Remaining in an uncluttered position is remaining in an awakened state.

    I’m a bit of a Heyoka, an empathic influencer. I’ve got to watch myself so that I don’t turn people away from what is truly themselves. I like to influence people to be increasingly better versions of themselves, but not away from their true compass.

    Besides, I do meditation a bit differently than most. I just send the Universe a question telepathically and usually I have answers in seconds, if not fractions of a second.

    Most, when they think meditation, think about sitting in the lotus position for a substantial time and going deep. I’m not that way. The Universe is always accessible; anything can be revealed at the speed of thought. 🙂

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  2. De clutter one of the best thing ! I will definitely follow this idea of prioritizing what really needs to remain in my life so that i can send powerful energy to the universe to bring things similar to those. Your writings are wonderful ! Wish you a happy and prosperous new year 🙂

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  3. Hi Empress,

    “Casting off all the hinders and encumbers, run the race set before you with endurance.”



    On Sat, Dec 23, 2017 at 10:34 PM Be Inspired..!! wrote:

    > empress2inspire posted: “The older I’m getting the more I admire > simplicity. I have the urge to simplify my life. By that I mean I only want > to spend my time on what is important for me. But the most important > questions which halt our zest to simplify are: what is that? & ho” >

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  4. ‘simples’ is a word that my husband taught me. From someone with a previously less then simple life I am now nearly 5 years on getting more a ware of simplicity and what that means to us. Its sometimes noticing a moment or observing life rather then letting it run by without notice. I continue to simplify its something I am now embracing.

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  5. The urge to simplicity has to be simplifying your steps. You rightly mentioned, we think a lot to accomplish, but often make through. And its essential to take small steps and do Right now.

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  6. I have gratitude rocks in almost every room of my house that have the word “simplify” on them. Because we have to constantly remind ourselves about what truly brings peace and harmony to our souls. Yet, you are right…the more I try to simplify, the more I tend to over analyze and sense the clutter sneaking back in. And I think that the main thing we have to face as we change, is to realize that if we change our inner world, we have to be prepared to change our outer world, as well. Simplicity starts from within, but must invade our outer lives if it is to become a lifelong commitment.

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  7. Simplicity is good. We could use more of it. Enjoyed your post. Along with simoplicity, I also find myself asking: What is important? and Why? This will likely differ for each person as we choose to pursue different things.

    Thoreau sounds like he enjoyed simplicity. I am curious if others, in his own time, would have labeled him “unproductive”. Did he make anything of his Life? What did he accomplish? Does accomplishment matter? Who would want to be at the end of their Life and look back on it and feel that they had no accomplishments?

    But—a Life of Action, can become obsessive. Some people are too driven and can’t relax. Are they happy? Both extremes can be overdone. Who decides how much is too much?

    Here’s a wild thought: Lets assume there really is some sort of Afterlife or Heaven.
    In Heaven, people don’t get sick. At least I’ve never heard anyone say that we do. And I’ve never heard anyone worried about getting a house in the Afterlife. Think of what this means. It means that in the Afterlife, even if you had a Prestige career-position here on earth as a Doctor, it won’t matter there, as people no longer get sick. If you were a brilliant construction worker or engineer, it won’t matter, cuz people don’t need a house or to have one designed or built. So what matters once you are there?

    It might be said that, that here, is different than there, and so things that may not matter there, will matter here anyway. So lets keep it here and ask ourselves: Ok, you had a career as a prestige doctor or engineer–but—now—-you are simply Retired. Your career is over and you’re still alive here. What will matter then? What will be important? Why? When you were a senior in high school, chances are hardly anyone cared that you were very good a drawing with crayons in the 7th grade. By the time you were in your 3rd year of college, no one cares that you did well enough in sports to get a Lettermen’s jacket in 11th grade. By the time you are 40, most people will be in a different job than the one they had at 23. By the time you are 68, who will care that you were once in Management or the Administration? So then—

    Will you, be able to adjust to a Simpler Life? How will you enjoy your time? What will be important? What will make you happy? And if you are 45 or 50 now, what aren’t you already those things? It can be insightful, and fun, to think about.

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  8. i stumbled on your post .very inspiring simple pithy style. i like simplicity to the extent you do not look snobbish in your actions.
    very ice. in case you have time go through my posts /poems and enjoy.

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  9. If the word “simplicity” is in every mans’ mouth, there will be contentment. Being contented doesn’t mean you are lazy, it means you appreciate your position in life, and when you appreciate, you receive more. Simplicity should be part of human quality don’t you think?

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  10. Simplicity in life brings clarity in mind but as you start thinking over a decision which you should be, all positives and negatives, ifs and buts and all other things start coming to mind and make a simple decision into a complicated one. It happens, we can’t avoid it.

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