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Daily Dose of Inspiration – I Don’t Care

Do you have the clarity, the willingness, do you have the momentum to not care about what somebody else thinks about what you are doing?

I don’t care, yes, say these to yourself every time a stupid doubt created by others enters your mind. Say these words to yourself every-time someone hurts you, or say mean things to you.

I don’t care.

Its just how I am. I like it this way. Life is so much fun for me.

I don’t care. I am sorry you are upset but I don’t care.

I want your world to be very good but I don’t care.

I would like everything to work for you, but I can’t fix it so I don’t care.

I don’t care about whatever is conditional.

I understand that if I don’t care you no longer want to talk to me. Well, I don’t care.

No, I am not heartless. There are a lot of things I care about.

I care about feeling good. I care about my clarity. I care about being an uplifter (starting with myself). I care about presenting all of myself in a given time and space. I care about being of value. I care about everything that you desire. I care about everything that I desire. I care about all good things coming to me and to you. I care about all living happily ever after. I care about only those things which infuse love and excitement within me and not which sucks the energy out of me. I care about contributing in positive ways. I care about feeling good and about others feeling good. I care about the solutions to a problem. I care about my emotions. I am in control of my emotions. I care about embracing life. I care about my flow of thoughts which make me feel good. I care about those feelings which align with my reason of being. And my reason for being is simple, and singular, I care about Feeling Good!!!!





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    • Hi B. I am glad you agree with this. Itโ€™s such a liberating function to switch that button on. Once it is on, all that time you spent worrying about what people were saying or about to say just vanishes! Then of course you end up having more energy to spend on what you want to do instead of filling your time fighting negative talk and the doubt of others.
      Best to you!

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  1. This is something that’s in a small way affecting me now. I think over the years I started caring too much when I didn’t used to care. I am determined to get back to where I was. This is a great post for me, I need to read and hear more of things like this right now. Thank u!

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  2. Something tells me you do care, but I know, understand, and feel what you are saying… We all get to this point at some point in our lives… Some sooner than others… Deep down we do care because we are human… but not letting it affect us is something totally different…

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  3. I love this post.. When I was growing up, I would try to please everyone e.g. my classmates, friends, teachers.. I was very stress and anxious on how they think about me.. One day,my mom told me, relax, take a deep breath, you can’t please everyone. It wasn’t easy at first but later on I learned to just focus on the positive side and disregard the negative thoughts and just be myself. For as long as I am pleasing God, that’s all that matters to me. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. I don’t care works to a certain extent and certainly makes a difference… But it’s impossible to be completely indifferent. Deep down, you’ll always care a tad bit….

    But I suppose the important thing is to just make sure it doesn’t affect you, your decisions and choices… Which is something you can totally control ๐Ÿ’–

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