Grounding Is Important

Grounding is THE key to emotional and energetic balance. It means that you are present in your body and firmly connected to the Earth. Grounding is especially important for people with high-sensitivity (HSP – highly sensitive people). With good grounding, you can keep your balance, be fully present in the here and now and bring in all of your spiritual gifts.

Let’s say that you are highly sensitive and that you pick up energies, emotions and even thoughts from other people. Besides that, you are dealing with your own thoughts, emotions and energies. Sounds a bit busy, doesn’t it? There are two things going on here. One: your mind, emotions and energy field are processing a lot more than they can comfortable handle. They are ‘full’ or even ‘overloaded’. Two: you cannot distinguish anymore what is yours and what is not. No wonder you feel emotional, overwhelmed and tired! Good grounding helps you to let go of other people’s energies, emotions and thoughts and it helps you get back to your center so you can distinguish what is yours and what is not.

Here are 5 simple steps for grounding anywhere 


  • FIND 

5 things you can see

4 things you can touch

3 things you can hear

2 things you can smell

1 thing you can taste


Try it right now and see the change 🙂 


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  1. Hey. You know, I saw this once, in a movie? Tv show? and/but never tried it, until now. I like it. It does work! Do you ever lie/lay in bed, twitching feet from anxiety upon waking, and just bring your focus into your thymus/sternum until there is nobody in the room but you? Remarkable, the throng which greets me when I wake up. Important, to do something, anything, which causes them to recede.

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    1. Yes I know that serene feeling. It’s a feeling of sheer emptiness. Calm, peaceful. Thank you for reminding me that feeling again.


  2. p.s. I can remember when Teresa Caputo came to our big civic center, to do a massive read. She walked across behind my row, a sort of floor level mezzanine aisle which bisected the entire floor seating, and kept moving until she reached the steel railing where she stopped, leaning, head bowed, for several minutes. I often wondered if, between all those dead who may have followed me [screaming in protest] plus those who followed the woman directly to my left……just these, alone, were suffocating her………………!

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  3. Definitely a highly sensitive person. It can be isolating, but can also lead to great poetry. 🙂 I will certainly try this method of grounding. Curious to see how it affects my mood and my writing. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. The key to grounding is to pull your thoughts away from feelings of anxiety and into the present. So, most grounding techniques involve taking the time to really notice the things around you that you didn’t before. These exercises can help you stay in the present and out of your head.


  4. I am working on letting people deal with their problems, of course I help if I can, but I don’t want to internalize it and make it my own. Like you said, it becomes yours and it’s hard to carry your own burdens and then someone else’s as well.

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    1. Cognitive empathy is the ability to recognise and understand other people’s emotions. But affective empathy is the ability to experience and internalise other people’s emotions. Put simply, cognitive empathy is the ability to predict how another person will feel and affective empathy is sharing the emotional experience. In other words, their high level of cognitive empathy indicates they are very good at understanding what hurts people, and their high level of psychopathy means they simply don’t care.

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  5. Being grounded is such a good feeling, It feels like you are sinking to the eternity even when you are the surface. Then suddenly someone’s voice insults you and you shrug off those dastardly challenges. You try start rising again. Bottom line don’t be grounded spring up as fast as you can. If you can escape that’s good. See what’s the collection on Friday. TGIF

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    1. Thanks empress 2 inspire can you give an example of 5 see 4 touch 3 hear 2 smell 1 taste

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      1. It’s quite simple. Look around you and see 5 things, touch any 4 things around you and likewise you can do the others.


  6. Michelle says:

    Definitely helps when our min and thoughts takes us off track. Great post!

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    1. When you’re grounded, you’re in complete control of your mental and emotional self, and not easily influenced by other ideas or individuals. Those who are grounded allow life’s small mishaps to roll off their shoulders. For example, if someone cuts them off in a traffic circle, they may give a shoulder shrug, and think, “Oh, well, they must be in a hurry.” Chances are, they won’t become overwhelmed by, or reactive to, the incident.


  7. Mama Buzz says:

    I’ll try them! Thanks for the post!

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    1. Glad you liked them. Thank you

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  8. Zil Savla says:

    Reblogged this on Inside My Mind with Zil and commented:
    Such a simple and effective way to stay grounded! Can be done anywhere and anytime! Mindfulness is all it takes!

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    1. Thank you for the reblog. I makes me very happy when wonderful angels like you like my posts and spread the word. Gratitude To you Zil. Sending you divine light and love.

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  9. Zil Savla says:

    This works as so instantly! Thank you for sharing them! One method I knew was focusing on the breath. But now I can do this as well!

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    1. Grounding is part of my daily practice leading to clearing and setting healthy boundaries. I often get asked why I do this routine every day and what it actually does. I believe this is an essential tool and skill for sensitive souls like us.

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  10. msw blog says:

    This is a wonderful exercise, and I have been implementing it with my clients for years.

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    1. Yes it has many benefits.

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