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They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel.

Want to make friends and build a strong network?

Want to be the person that people want to spend time with?

Want to earn someone’s trust and respect?

Then start caring. 

To make someone’s day, all you have to do is stay physically near her while remaining in a state of contentment, humor, compassion or calm. Try getting deeply happy around any loved one, acquaintance or stranger. Refuse to let go of your good mood. You don’t have to say or do anything else. Really. It’ll make your day to see how easily you can make someone else’s. And before you know it, you’ll be soothing entire stressed-out crowds, like the ones you find at food courts and matador conventions. 

I spent much of my life wandering about armored against criticism and rejection, unaware that my wary defense appeared to others as inexplicable offense. And since everyone around me was also frightened, their defenses escalated the moment they encountered mine, which in turn ratcheted up to meet theirs, and so on. But pretending other people love you flips the vicious cycle into a virtuous one. So, try and relax, people have other important things to do in life than judge you and even if they do judge you, then who cares anyways, let them. In this way, you cab care for even those who don’t care for you.

So Care More and Worry less and always remember to start caring from yourself! 


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  1. Everything always comes from that fear of rejection that you pointed out so well. Fear of not being understood and put aside and feel “different”. We end up building up those same walls that make us even more fearful…

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  2. I say this because you seem to clash with the earlier bit of your post, as well as your previous posts. It went from “how make others feel better around you” to “oh, don’t worry about it as long as you care, it shall make YOU feel better”.

    And I said that it sort of clashes with your previous posts since you’ve been “love yourself”, “be yourself”, “self, self, self”, “don’t worry about what others think”, and then the “I don’t care” post sort of came to mind from how the message in that one conveyed that you don’t care how others feel as long as YOU feel a certain way. Yes, you may want them to have happily ever afters and such but you also sort of shot yourself in the foot with the “me, me, me” theme till now that it nullifies certain parts of this and makes it fall short of authenticity.

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    • Hi Kachina, I understand where you are coming from. My posts give an impression that I am a selfish, self centred person, which yes, I am. But then there are relationships like blood bonds your parents and your siblings whom you have to care for, not because its your responsibility but because you have a bond larger than Love. When I was writing this post, I had my family and how I care for them in mind.

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  3. And caring and worrying do go hand and hand in some aspects, such as “I’m worried that this person I care about did not eat for this certain amount of days”, “I’m worried about whether or not my students feel safe with me”, “I’m worried that my spouse left their paperwork for work here”, “I’m worried that _ got in a car accident and might not make it”. *breathes*

    I’m not trying to lecture you (or worse, mother you to death). I’m just trying to point out some things that you seem to slip in by accident while trying to convey a certain message based on how you seem to fall into a trap sometimes of “insert I don’t care after I’ve been preaching about how you should blah blah blah”, or “you should blah blah blah … *sike* this should make you feel like this …”

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