Daily Dose of Inspiration – The Reality

“If we saw reality, we would never be unhappy.”   The Buddha

This means that if we looked at life and saw what was actually there from a viewpoint of “I started with nothing and now I have lots” we would experience happiness.  Yet we make-up unrealistic expectations of what should be and consequently we experience “not enough”, which has no basis “in reality.”  And then we feel bad and experience unhappiness.  The latter is incredibly stupid on our part.  It is best that we learn how the first is actually true and the latter is false – not as in “positive thinking”, but as in “true reality.”  The payoff for doing so is huge!  It will immensely alter the quality of your life!!!

“What we are unhappy about is what the story tells us, especially about what it means about us and/or the future.  But it is only a story.  Seeing through the story and “disappearing” it will create a “that’s just what is so, now what?” viewpoint.  And from there you can simply proceed to doing that which will get you more of what you want, from this point forward…and seeing what you already have, and that there is virtually nothing to worry about.”

When was the last time you received a reality slap? We’ve all had plenty of them in our lives: those moments when life suddenly deals us a painful blow. It’s a shock, and it hurts, and it knocks us off balance; we struggle to stay on our feet, and sometimes we fall.

Whenever we encounter a reality gap, it helps to ask ourselves this question: ‘What do I want to stand for in the face of this?’ We can stand for giving up on life, or we can stand for something far more meaningful. We can stand for something that matters, deep in our heart: something that dignifies our suffering and gives us the will and the courage to carry on. Obviously, we can’t turn back time. We can’t undo whatever it is that has happened. But we can choose the attitude we take towards it. Sometimes when we take a stand, we can close the gap, and at other times, obviously we can’t. But the moment we take a stand, we experience vitality; we may not have the reality we want, but we do have the satisfaction of living with purpose.

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  1. Szee says:

    We happened to write about the same thing 🙂

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  2. Szee says:

    Everything is as it is. What is there is there that is all.

    A conflict appears when we want things to be something else other than what it is. We make ourself believe in the lie. The ‘What is’ gets distorted. Nobody is on the same page. There is no real connection. Everyone has their own certainty.

    If we change our mindset and let go our attachments to arrogance, greed, ambition and see our emotions for what it is then the energy changes immediately. The energy gets rebalanced. Sanity returns. The ‘what is’ is a space where all beings are connected with each other. It is the same for everyone and everything.

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    1. Close your eyes for a few moments. What do you see in the darkness of your mind’s eye? Notice the patterns that form. This is a simple meditation that rejuvenates and refocuses your tired mind. Accept all your feelings about your present situation. They are valid, whether you like them or not. Accepting your current situation is the first step to feeling happier. When thoughts come, return to your breath without judging. Deep breathing clears your mind and decreases your stress levels, which will allow you to feel happier.

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      1. Szee says:

        Nice. Well said! Your natural state of your mind. Go there when necessary. Your center

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  3. Szee says:

    We want a lot of things but what do we need? Not much

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    1. Exactly..it’s the mind which plays tricks with us.

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  4. Alexx's Keto Avenue says:

    Very nice work! I enjoyed reading this today

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    1. Thank you Alex, glad you liked it!!


  5. lfpessemier says:

    and sometimes a seeming “disaster” awakens us to something wonderful.

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    1. True! Life is a amalgamation of lessons!

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  6. tiostib says:

    Well said. Thank you for the timely thoughts. Best wishes for joyous holidays!

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    1. Thank you. Same to you!!


  7. Ms. L says:

    Absolutely! My reality slap gave me back to myself. As a result, I think I’m a better human than I was before, for myself and others. I hated what happened but I just couldn’t let it ruin me. That would never do.

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    1. Well done! I am glad you could identify the signs!

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    2. MoeArtistry says:

      sound like you and I have a similar story, Very well stated.

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      1. Ms. L says:

        Thank you, Sir. Its lovely to meet you!

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    1. Most welcome. Glad you liked it!


  8. gpavants says:

    Hello Empress,

    These are steps from selfish childhood to maturing adults. The works does not revolve around us so our way isn’t going to always jive with plans others make. So, what your saying is learn to be content in whatever situation you are in. Paul said that was great secret to contentment in this crazy mixed up world.



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    1. Exactly Gary, learning to be grateful and content in what you have available with you today is a first step to living a happy life.


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