Confidence Is Necessary

“Have confidence!” is one of the most essential pieces of advice you’ll receive in life that makes no sense if you’ve never done it. You know what confident people look like, the advantages they get, and that it’s something worth emulating. How do you get there, though?

Here are few ways in which you can become more confident

  1. Smile. Not only will it brighten your day, but it will make others around you smile, too.
  2. At the end of each day write down something you think you did well. e.g. I encouraged a girl who was being shy at work today.
  3. Listen to songs that make you happy, not ones that make you want too, shut yourself off from the world and cry all by yourself in your room.
  4. Believe that you’re in a confidence bubble. Kind of like, you’re wearing an invisibility coat.
  5. Love what you wear. When you look good, it changes the way you feel. This will make you confident while being in public.
  6. Walk with purpose. Walk like you have got somewhere to be.
  7. Make eye contact with the person you’re talking too or are taking.
  8. Next time you’re at a party meet someone new. The person in the corner all by themselves looks like a good person to start with.
  9. Clear out the clutter in your life. A messy room equals a messy mind.
  10. Stop comparing yourself to others. Focusing on your positive qualities, rather than comparing yourself to others, is a great way to boost self-confidence.




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  1. Great tips.

    I liked this one most especially “Next time youโ€™re at a party meet someone new. The person in the corner all by themselves looks like a good person to start with.” —Im gonna do this at the next party I’m going to attend.

    Im the type of person who sits at the corner and waits for someone to approach me. Or I’m the type of person who sits idly by with the same people I’m used to. Next time, ill be the one approaching others for a change.

    Confidence is definitely the key.

    I really enjoyed this one. Thank you:)

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    • Thank you. Confidence is our greatest personal resource. With it, we can face any situation knowing we can handle it. Without it, we are destined to suffer. Without confidence any situation has the potential to be a threat. Think about having to do anything from the smallest task to the most complex job without confidence. You question your ability and stress constantly. Fearing you will not be able to handle it, you may actually sabotage your ability to get it done. Instead of facing the task, you retreat, avoid, or procrastinate. Maybe you confront the task, but without believing in yourself you over-think it, over-do-it, or tremble through the process all the while doubting yourself.


    • Thank you Veronica. I am glad you liked my post. I believe the more self confidence you have, the more you value yourself and your capabilities, which means the more valuable you feel; this is what creates the effect of naturally holding your head up high, since you have higher self esteem and are proud of who you are. More happiness and enjoyment: for all. Thank you again for stopping by.


  2. Hello Empress,

    Itโ€™s good to hear from you again. Always good advice. I am going to link this post with a movie project we are doing for Inside/Out. Maybe you will get some feedback.



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    • Yes, self-confidence is an important element of success. Knowing your strengths and relying upon them; having the self-possession to express your point of view and stand by itโ€ฆthese are admirable and necessary.


    • Thank you Rubeth. Self-confidence is a combination of a state of mind and a strong feeling of self-belief which is commonly used when one needs self-assurance especially in one’s personal judgment,power, ability etc.


    • Thank you. I am glad you liked it. Confidence has given me the ability to say No. Confidence allows you to stand up for yourself in a fair and consistent manner. Otherwise, you may find yourself unheard or unfairly treated.


  3. Wonderful advice. I especially like #9. I find that I write much better when I clear away the clutter around me as well as the clutter in my mind.

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    • Your level of self-confidence can show in many ways: your behavior, your body language, how you speak, what you say, and so on. Look at the following comparisons of common confident behavior with behavior associated with low self-confidence. Which thoughts or actions do you recognize in yourself and people around you?


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