Mindfulness at Work : Stay Woke AF

Mindfulness may seem like a great idea, but how do you become more mindful in the context of a busy work day? You may have emails, phone calls, a team to manage, and people’s attitudes and egos to deal with. And, of course, your own work! In the middle of all that, how can you apply the principles of mindfulness so that you feel more alive and present, as well as being productive? Here are a few  radical ways to be mindful at work.

  1. Be Consciously Present

To me mindful at work means to be consciously present in what you’re doing, while you’re doing it, as well as managing your mental and emotional state. Be present in whatever you’re doing, whether you consider it important, or not.

2. Use Short Mindful Exercises at Work

Even one minute of consciously connecting with one of your senses can be classified as a mindful exercise. You don’t need to close your eyes. You don’t even need to be sitting down. Spend one minute every hour fully connecting with one of your senses.

3. Be a Single – Tasker

Nobody can actually multitask. Your brain is madly switching from one thing to the next, often losing data in the process. Challenge yourself to switch off your email notifications when working on an important task.

4. Use Mindful Reminders

Being on auto-pilot means that you’re not fully present and awake to the opportunities and choices around you. By using some form of a reminder, you can be mindful again. The reminder shakes you out of autopilot mode. Set a timer to go off three times a day, to remind you to be awake and present to the here and now.

5. Slow Down to Speed Up

Effective leaders, workers and entrepreneurs slow down and reflect to make the best decisions and actions – they slow down to speed up. The next time you catch yourself rushing, stop. You’ll save energy and make less mistakes too.

What’s your formula for staying woke at work? Share in the comments. I am excited to read them :).


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  1. My formula is making a to do list and focusing on one thing at a time, crossing it out when it’s done.

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    1. Ah thank you Kristina. Making a list gives structure to your mind. Indeed the best thing at work. Keeps us focus even when we have ad hoc work.

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  2. Bindu says:

    Mindfulness is something we need to mind in the times of gadgetry and gizmos which occupy most of our time and attention, be it conversations or observations!

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    1. Hi Bindu, yes indeed. It has been found to decrease depressive symptoms, anxiety, and stress in college students, as well as increasing self-compassion when compared with yoga alone (Falsafi, 2016). One of the ways in which mindfulness can help treat depression is through enhancing practitioners’ ability to regulate their emotions.


  3. kalison0515 says:

    I check myself through mindfulness if I am about to have a reaction to office shenanigans and gossip.

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    1. Oh the office shenanigans and gossip…damn…so irritating. Mindfulness is a good practice to avoid unproductive chores. Thank you for the tip:)


  4. Dragthepen says:

    I am currently working on 3,4 and 5 👍

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    1. Way to go. Small steps go a long way !! Thank you for stopping by.

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  5. Emsi Rose says:

    I love this post!! These are all things I’ve tried to be more mindful and I’ve always found that making the decision to consciously be present is the best, changes so much.

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    1. Thank you for liking the post Rose. I will definitely check your blog.

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  6. Laura Beth says:

    I am absolutely a list person. I always have been, even when I was in elementary school. It helps me focus, and checking/crossing things off feels so good!

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    1. That’s great. Do share your list with us.


  7. msw blog says:

    Mindfulness is being present in the most mundane task. You and your readers may enjoy these post on mindfulness

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    1. Thank you for sharing your link. I will definitely check this out.


  8. njemarasi says:

    Lovely post. In addition to your list, I plan ahead. Planning keeps my mind focused to avoid indulging in unnecessary stuff.

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    1. Planning ahead is so important. Thank you for sharing this important tip with us. Planning helps in staying structured and focus on the goals. So impressive. Thank you again for stopping by.


  9. Hi, your post contains useful and specific pointers to enable mindfulness in a given day. I got sensitized to the importance of remaining ‘mindful’ during and through the practice of ‘Vipassana’ since I began training in the discipline a few years. It is a Pali word when translated means ‘to see things as they really are’. It is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation discovered by Gautama the Buddha in his quest for spiritual liberation more than 2500 years ago. Despite its roots in Buddhism the technique itself is purely scientific and non-sectarian. A number of corporates today encourage their employees to go through the 10-day programme and the twitter CEO himself has been sharing his experience and derived benefits on social media. Look forward to more from your blog. Stay inspired.

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    1. Hi Shyamsree, I have been looking forward to Vipaasana retreat for a long time now. Thank you for your brief description of its principals and effects. It would be wonderful experience. Do come back for more inspiration on empress2inspire. Thank you

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