Grounding : A Strategy to Reduce Stress

Anything that makes you feel like you are strongly in your body is grounding. When you feel grounded you feel solid and strong in your body, you have no fear or anxiety and you feel at peace. It is the best place to be when you are making important decisions or presenting something to a group of people. Energy healing requires you to create a practice of grounding, the healing itself can be very grounding. A practice of grounding for some people can be yoga, dancing, meditation or even just sitting on the ground. For other people it is grounding for them to create artwork, to play with children or to spend time with animals and nature. Here is a grounding activity you can do right nowย 

  1. Sit up straight and tall. Place your feet on the floor. Relax your shoulders.
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply.
  3. How many windows are in the room?
  4. How many electrical outlets do you see?
  5. What does the chair or couch you’re on feel like? Is it soft? Rough? Smooth?
  6. What colour are your pants? Your shoes?
  7. What do you hear?
  8. What material is the floor made of? Is it smooth or bumpy? Soft or hard? Dirty or clean? What imperfections can you see?
  9. Name all of the TV shows you can think of?
  10. Name all of the types of shapes you can think of?

Are you feeling better or different now than when you started doing these steps? If yes, then you just successfully grounded yourself. Do this once everyday specially at night so that you do not sleep with any stresses in your head. Take Care.ย 

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  1. Ohhh I love this!! Grounding is something I am passionate about (It inspired my blog name) so I think this activity is fantastic! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It intrigues me too. Being grounded is an essential skill for empaths and highly sensitive people who pick up emotions from the people and environment around them. It means that you’re present in your body and connected with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what’s going on around you.

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  2. thecommutary says:

    Great tips! Thank you!


  3. Ghazal says:

    Amazing. It really helped me thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š


  4. msw blog says:

    Being grounded is an essential skill, that often calms, and refocus an individual. I worry that someone with anxiety would find doing all 10 of these at once overwhelming and stressful . I would have them just pick one active to focus on…

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    1. There is a simple technique I can share with you. Hold an object in your hand and really bring your full focus to it. If I was looking at one of my gems I would see the patterns that run through it, see the color variances. Some have veins of different colors going through the or sparkly bits. Look at where shadows may fall on parts of it or maybe there are shapes that form within the object. Feel how heavy or light it is in your hand and what the surface texture feels like under your fingers. This can be done with any object you have lying around or if you know you are going into a stressful situation, take one of your favorite small objects and put it in your pocket or purse so you can do this calming exercise on the go.


      1. msw blog says:

        I am very familiar with the grounding technique i do believe, that got lost in our comments?

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