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When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on. ~ Thomas Jefferson.

Perseverance separates the winners from the losers in both sports and life. Are you someone who perseveres despite difficulties and setbacks, or do you tend to throw in the towel and call it quits when faced with a challenge or adversity? What makes some people able to keep pushing and complete a task while others habitually fizzle and don’t follow through?

Possessing a deep inner belief that you can succeed simply means that you will never give up on your dreams. You will be equipped with the mentality that your success is just round the corner. Yes, you may encounter major challenges or possibly defeats along the way, but because you have a belief that you will eventually succeed, you will revise your game-plan, tweak your strategies, keep moving forward and therefore dramatically improve your chances of success.

But, when the things get tough, all the motivational quotes and stories vanish and what we are left with is fear and feeling of giving up. Something needs to change here. Here are my pearls of wisdom. 

Instead of getting frustrated when things don’t go as planned, expect change, ambiguity, and frustration at least part of the time. This is normal. Develop your sense of humor; learn not to take yourself too seriously. Persistence does not mean banging one’s head on an obstacle until one or the other gives way. It does mean finding and applying strategies that will move you forward. Apply your problem-solving skills and brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Form a team to help identify obstacles and develop alternatives for overcoming them. If you tend to change course too often, practice handling ambiguous situations and learn to wait out your anxiety. 

Remind yourself everyday that if you don’t work for yourself, nobody is coming to save you. You have to keep working towards what you want but not at the cost of being un-realistic. 

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  1. True. I’ve noticed this so many times. It is what we lock on to and persevere in, that we achieve. It’s like, once we see it in our mind’s eye, and relentlessly head toward it, we are causing it to materialize.

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      • Hehehe yes, The most important point is that you must keep this state until what you want actually comes about. … Visualization is an exacting art form, imagining in great detail the factors making up what you desire.

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      • No doubt! It is what you most want that will always come about, because that is what you will pursue until you’ve got it. We have a picture of what life is to us. That is exactly what our life is. #consciouscreation

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      • Ahh conscious-creation. Consciousness creates reality.” This statement has changed the scientific and medical landscape, and alternative media outlets around the world have and continue to explore its meaning.

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      • I think I live in a house somewhere in-between these two words. I’m noticing it everywhere, and continually experiment with the concept, so much so that I think there are actually two conscious worlds: one falling away and one ascending. We can choose. What do you think?

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      • Well what I believe it that if you are somewhere in between conscious and creation, then you are at the right place for manifestation of your desire. Being conscious of your thoughts helps you think only good and desirable thoughts and makes you aware of the negative enough early enough to modify them. And creation well it’s universe job to bring about the creation. All we need to do is consciously choose thoughts.

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      • Very intuitive, well thought out, and, I do believe, correct ^.

        It is true, one must stay in the “good” in order to be able to do this. Also, it’s not us doing the creation, but us understanding the mechanisms that make creation possible; us understanding what it takes to expect certain outcomes.

        Creation is the Universe’s, but we can be instrumental in what is created if we tap into Source and understand the creation process.

        One additional thought: it’s no so much what we do in this, it is a way of being. Being able to consciously choose our thoughts is another way of expressing the idea.

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  2. This is so awesome. Thanks for the encouraging reminder that “Persistence does not mean banging one’s head on an obstacle until one or the other gives way. It does mean finding and applying strategies that will move you forward.”

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