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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Compassion

Compassion is the highest virtue in a way and compassion is not possible if you are identified with this or that. Only when you are able to just look at life as life, only then you can be compassionate. If you look at it as my life or your life – no compassion. When life is just life, there is compassion.

But then, we find it easier to show compassion for others, even complete strangers, rather than ourselves, which is sad. Begin with yourself. Compassion can be our liberator; compassion breaks down barriers and joins people together on a human, spiritual level. 

Writing is practicing compassion fro myself. Everybody has something about themselves that they don’t like; something that causes them to feel shame, to feel insecure, or not “good enough.” It is the human condition to be imperfect, and feelings of failure and inadequacy are part of the experience of living a human life. Try writing about an issue you have that tends to make you feel inadequate or bad about yourself (physical appearance, work or relationship issues…) How does this aspect of yourself make you feel inside – scared, sad, depressed, insecure, angry? What emotions come up for you when you think about this aspect of yourself? This is just between you and the paper, so please try to be as emotionally honest as possible and to avoid repressing any feelings, while at the same time not being overly melodramatic. Try to just feel your emotions exactly as they are – no more, no less – and then write about them. 

Learning to have compassion for yourself and to let go of the judgemental way in which you look at your own life will not only serve to improve your own life’s happiness; the compassion that you show yourself will begin to reflect in your treatment of others, too.

So, what did you do today to be more self-compassionate? 


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  1. Compassion is a composite word. It has more than one meaning. You are right kindness is close to compassionate. Kindness to self is a good thing. The way to be kind to self is to know myself. How well do I know myself. We need to take a good look and see and understand. Self awareness is kindness to self

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  2. That’s absolutely true..
    We do not have to look at others in the first place for nit picking, but start with ourselves to incorporate a better felling or virtue. Only then it reaches the others and reflects in our behaviour. And this compassion not only spreads love, but burns away other negative feelings as well.. be it ego, jealousy, etc..
    Awesome thought!

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    • Thanks Chetan, glad you liked my thoughts on compassion. The most basic wish of all people is to live happily. Yet human society is shaped by forces that work powerfully against this basic desire: from pervasive violence, to wanton environmental destruction, to the exploitation that structures such deep inequalities between people.

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