Anxiety is a BITCH!!

The Internet abounds in information and misinformation about panic attacks, phobias, and other anxiety disorders — including promises of quick cures that require up-front payment. When chronic anxiety disrupts your life, you may be willing to try anything. But before we find out a cure, we need to understand the how anxiety manipulates you. Here are few ways : 

1. Self Doubt : Anxiety makes you question ourselves. Once self-doubt creeps in, anxiety makes it grow and take over how we view ourselves. 

2. Fear : A big part of anxiety is fear. Anxiety takes what is dear to you and makes you afraid if losing it. 

3. Worries, what-ifs, and worst-case scenarios : These are closely related to fears. it puts thoughts of the worst-case scenarios in our minds, effectively trapping us. 

4. Need for control : We don’t want our fears to manifest. We hate being plagued by constant self-doubt. And we’re weary of our worries. To get rid of them, we focus on them, trying very hard to control them. 

Does any pointers above familiar? How do you become aware of your anxieties, is it hyper ventilation? or palpitations? Do share in the comment section. 

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  1. I’m increasingly finding it helps to turn the internet upside down then read through all the crap in comments and Tweets and FB and weed out the crap just from there.

    First thing we do (or at least I do) when watching something on YouTube is scroll and scan the comments. So much quicker to weed out and avoid wasting time time or energy getting upset. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just not funny or even worth the seconds you’ve already spent but more often than not, the idiots, haters, misinformed, gossiping lot jumping on board in their thousands help you to find the accurate, decent and interesting stuff much quicker and easier.

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  2. It is important to remember Anxiety is a drive state linked to survival. We can not rid ourselves of it and trying to control it only amplifies it’s effects by imprisoning an emotional state that needs to be channeled. The best treatment for anxiety is not mental nor medication based. As a state, it illicits the flight, fight, or freeze response. Engage fight or flight in a protective and constructive way and avoid freeze at all cost because it equates to emotional and/or physical paralysis. In a nutshell, anxiety as a state needs to be channeled and effectively driven from our body by engaging the flight or fight response in healthy and constructive ways at the physiological level. Thank you!

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    • These are some great insights. Thank you Dr. Thomas for sharing from your experience. Another thing in my opinion helps is It might help to make a note of what happens when you get anxious or have a panic attack. This could help you spot patterns in what triggers these experiences for you, or notice early signs that they are beginning to happen. You could also make a note of what’s going well. Living with anxiety can mean you think a lot about things that worry you or are hard to do. It’s important to be kind to yourself and notice the good things too.
      Thank you for stopping by. Grateful.

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  3. I think my anxiety is always related to an experience that was tragic and the fear of abandonment. At the end of the day someone told you once that they didn’t love you, want you, or something was wrong with you, and you spend the rest of your life trying to ensure that doesn’t happen again so you try to be perfect but you can’t bc you’re human so the anxiety kicks in bc your brain has been trained to think that this is how you must deal with this dichotomy. That you have to love yourself and accept yourself and accept the constant rejection you’ve faced in your life over and over again. Whether it’s your boss your relationship a friendship or some other failure/judgement/ or criticism. This is what happens…at least to me

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    • Hi, thank you for sharing your experience. Take good care of yourself. On the face of it, you’d think this advice would be obvious and unimpeachable. Of course you have to take care of yourself. The problem with this truth, unfortunately, is that there are people (even whole communities of people) who will try to convince you that prioritizing your needs means you’re a selfish person. (And who wants to be seen as selfish?). I’ve never encountered a woman who hadn’t heard some version of this self-care-is-selfish-nonsense. The thing is, these messages are about control, and they come from people who are happy to keep you down and disempowered. (That makes it easier for them to manipulate you.) Do not fall for this line of hooey. Self-care is not selfish. Self-neglect is selfish.


  4. My son suffers from anxiety and although he may only be 8, the techniques he has learnt from his psychologist have really helped us both.
    First thing she taught him was to take a big deep breath (I can’t believe how powerful mindful breathing is) .. Then he will ask himself “is my brain tricking me?” (Depending on what he is anxious about he’ll ask himself some more questions) At this point my son is usually feeling a lot better so he will literally say “thank you brain for looking after me but I’m ok.” It’s so simple but it has really helped him 😊

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