Daily Dose of Inspiration – Conscious Creation

WE CREATE OUR REALITY. No fine print. No exceptions. No asterisk. I can’t imagine anyone reading those words and not being excited!

Is it that simple – just a choice? Well, the answer to that is definitely not simple. Sometimes, yes, it is a just a choice. And sometimes (in the beginning it’s most times) we have conflict within us about making that choice, which needs to be addressed before we are free to make it.

The choice is if we are creating unconsciously or consciously. You cannot be a victim, because clearly you have the ability to create.  When we unconsciously create, we see life as happening to us and we are powerless.  We worry and focus on all that is not working.  Life mirrors that back to us.  When we consciously create we look at our beliefs, our thoughts and our actions.  We weed out what does not belong there.  We set clear intentions.  We ask powerful questions such as what is our highest calling? What are our deepest passions?  What do we want to bring forth on our planet not only for ourselves but for all life? As we remember we are Divine we move past our ego and our individual little will.  We see how all is connected not only to each other but to Earth herself and to life in all myriads of form.

I am not here to convince anyone of the fact that we do create it all. There are plenty of books out there on quantum physics which scientifically prove the premise.  I am here to remind those who are already conscious of it, on some level, of the power and divinity they have. And I’m here to share what I’ve learned along my journey, to hopefully make yours easier.

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  1. Well that didn’t take long, lol!

    When you didn’t respond right away to my last comment yesterday, I meditated on what was happening a moment, and I knew you were “bouncing off the walls” with energy about this concept.

    From what you have mentioned above, I can tell “You got this!”

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    • Hahahah yes you got me. I was enchanted after reading your responses on my previous post. This concept has been playing in my mind for a long time but You helped me nail it into a post. Thank you. And yet again you have given me my possible next post topic “meditation”. It’s during those secure moments you soul speaks to you, soul which is connected to the universe, soul which knows everything about everyone. I have some questions which are still unanswered, maybe the soul is speaking to me about them but I am too anxious to listen. Any suggestions here?

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      • We’ve got to stop meeting like this… just kidding!

        I’m glad I could help you bring this thought out. You did very well btw. You brought out the point on consciousness and unconsciousness in a very understandable way. We are always creating whether we realize it or not. Excellent!

        And… as regards meditation, it’s true, we can be connected to everything at all times, even all at once. However the key to this ability is being One with the Universe, or Source, soul, or whatever we wish to call it.

        Same thing on these unanswered questions: one has to first settle and then press into it. There is no knowledge that is hidden that is not waiting to be revealed.

        I’d better stop there lest I inspire yet another post. 🙂

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