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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Innocence

Innocence is Brilliant!
Innocence is not ignorance. Innocence doesn’t mean you don’t know, see, or hear bad stuff. We think babies are innocent because they don’t understand but that’s not why they are innocent. Innocence is not immaturity. You don’t lose innocence once you get to a certain age or once you mature. Innocence is not just for babies or kids. Innocence is Virginity (as in the state of being naive, innocent, or inexperienced in a particular context..not the other one) Does that help or does that make it more confusing? Probably makes it more confusing, right?

Innocence is a pearl we can carry with us throughout our lives, a way of viewing each other without prejudice, of looking for the potential for good in people and situations. And, perhaps most importantly, a way of looking at the world without fear. If we are very lucky, some remnant of innocence is within us still, inextricably linked with our ability to on, with our willingness—however reluctant—to participate again in society, with our desire to reconnect with the very fabrics of our lives. 

Do you feel innocent anymore?

Although our innocence—like our pearl earrings and our books of poetry—may be replaced, it is often not without great pain and great expense.

But we must keep looking. We must find, again, a way of living in the world that allows us some hope, some joy, some peace.



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    • Hi DC-N, Internal conflict is my worse enemy my parents like to say. I always go back and forth between my brain on whether or not to do this or that. I have a very hard time making decisions and sometimes I end up making the wrong decisions and sometimes I end up making the wrong ones. I believe that this is the time when we should hear our soul what it has to say.

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