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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Mind – Control It!

The mind is like small child, who accepts, and takes for granted, whatever it sees or hears, without judgment and without considering the consequences. If you let your mind behave in this manner, giving it complete freedom to jump from one thought to another, you lose your freedom. In order to reduce the power of outside influences and thoughts on your life, you need to be aware of the thoughts and desires that enter your mind, and ask yourself, whether you really like them, and if you are willing to accept them into your life. You do not have to accept each and every thought that enters your mind. Find out whether it is your own thought, or someone else’s thought. Also, decide whether the thought is useful for you, and if it is for your own good to follow. This will lead to more control over your thinking process.


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  1. It’s really nice of you to give great insights into the ‘human mind’. I do all my understanding through Christian Jesus, so anything negative in my mind is based around ‘sin’, which we all have I believe ie. no one is perfect! and I need Jesus to ‘cast out’ that sin. However, pure ‘science’ of the mind always amazes me, and just how the ‘garden of my mind’ is watered gets my full admiration. Thanks.

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