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If we lack belief in ourself and our capabilities, our self esteem suffers. This results not only in a sense of worthlessness but also helplessness and even hopelessness. This in turn makes us feel inadequate and see everything as pointless. It is easy to stop trying to achieve because there is simply no point. We are defeated before we even begin. That’s why the correct self confident mind-set is crucial to all other mind-sets we may adopt. First we must tackle the root. When we have empowered our SELF with the confidence and belief in our SELF then we will be better able to accomplish the things we are already good at and also to learn how to do the things that at present we cannot. Accomplishing our goals and objectives becomes much much easier. We are empowered from the inside out. And the results we can achieve reinforce our beliefs and boost our self esteem and confidence even more. It can be a rising balloon spiralling upwards or a viscous circle spiralling downwards – depending on our choice.


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  1. It is an inside job to feel confident, but it is achieved by external practice and daily life experiences.

    If you go up to bat and know you are a batter in life that can hit a home run, in every essence of your heart, but you keep getting pitched balls that you have to dodge, or you continue to get only to 1st or 2nd base, and never make a home run, even the most confident individual can lost confidence in themselves.

    Even a kitten can gain or lose confidence in themselves and their abilities, if they are never allowed to grab hold of the string you dangle across their path. Sooner or later they will lose heart and stop chasing the string, and lose any confidence in their ability to catch the string, if they cannot ever be allowed to catch it.

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