Our Needs Aren’t Natural

They are a sign of internal issues.

What do I mean when I claim that needs are not innate? Fundamentally, it means that, in our unaltered state, we are self-sufficient in terms of necessities like food, drink, and shelter. In our authentic state, we are whole, okay, and fine. It’s possible that you’ll respond, “Sure, we don’t need anything other than food and shelter, but come on. How does that life work? I have to watch some Netflix content while relaxing on the couch with my chocolate chip ice cream. If all I had to do was survive, I would be completely bored. The point being made is that living a life without many needs is far more fulfilling and enjoyable than living a life of Netflix & Icecream. How so?

We need things, but why?

Let’s pose a simple query first before moving on: How did our needs come to be? For example, “I don’t know,” would be the first response for most people. The chocolate cake I like best. Also sushi. Having that in my life is just something I enjoy. Is there really no other explanation for why I find those items so appealing? Or a background narrative? According to Buddhism, we have these needs because our internal selves aren’t in good shape. “I think I’ll go out for sushi,” in other words. I’m feeling a little odd right now, so that will cheer me up. It goes without saying that none of this is on our thoughts constantly. We don’t think, “I’m feeling down or unfulfilled, let’s go get some sushi to cheer me up.” But that is what is happening.

The ultimate objective is inner tranquilly

All of this is dependent upon what I am speculating to be the ultimate objective of humans: to achieve inner peace. To reach a state in which we are generally filled with unwavering happiness. Those who are reading this may disagree with that main objective. You might argue that even though this means experiencing constant inner turmoil most of the time, you’d rather to have a more varied life filled with exciting vacations and adventurous activities. However, I agree wholeheartedly with the late, revered Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh when he said: “Many people mistake excitement for happiness. However, excitement makes it difficult to be calm. Peace is the foundation of real happiness.

The fact that a large portion of our world, prioritises forcing demands on others does not improve the situation. The main concern is: “Get yourself an iPhone 14 Pro. Your mood will improve as a result.” “Buy this ridiculously pricey skin cleanser and you can look as beautiful as this one in a million model…which will make you feel better,” the advertisement claims. “Read my #1 best-seller Ten Steps to a Thriving Business so your business will thrive…so you’ll feel better.” It never stops. continual assault on us. Receive this. That, please. It doesn’t, and that is the issue. For some time, yes. However, eventually the ‘new vehicle smell’ goes away and we start looking for other demands to satisfy.

Those who have particular, discerning tastes

Regarding tastes and being picky about our preferences, there is another issue. What I mean is clear to you. For painting your kitchen, you’re contemplating thirty various shades of white. And then you run into trouble. Why? For the simple reason that it must be the ideal…Or you go to Nordstrom and try on ten pairs of jeans, inspecting each pair in their bizarrely shaped mirrors from seven different angles. When looking for the pair that will make your bottom half seem the best possible, you push yourself into a frenzy. The society praises us for that, which is the thing. He has really distinct, acute tastes that are very different. I adore that quality in him.

Do you have a particular taste or are you neurotic?

However, go under the hood and you’ll find that someone is really saying, “I’m not going to be okay unless this car/paint colour/wine satisfies my stringent, particular tastes.” It implies that for me to be happy on the inside, the outside must be a certain way. It fails once more. If wants aren’t natural, what is and how do we return to that state? Our inherent state is one of upward-flowing energy that provides us unequivocal well-being.

Going back to being natural

How can we achieve that condition once more? We don’t degrade ourselves for having many needs, first of all. We do not humiliate ourselves. These demands vary in intensity for each of us, thus berating ourselves for having them is of little use to us. Absolutely nothing good comes from it. Second, we don’t make an effort to control our needs. Needs are not natural, thus we don’t state that. They result from my internal discomfort. So instead, let’s watch Succession on HBO and give up ice cream.

Root-cause analysis

Working from the roots is what the Buddhists advise. Work at the leaves on the branches if you tried to control your needs. Just symptoms exist, not actual requirements. such as the leaves. How might one go about tackling the root causes? examining the reasons we don’t feel good on the inside.

Why we don’t feel good inside

So why are we not safe inside? I follow Mickey Singer’s teachings on this. We have a lot of life events that we have hung onto, both good and terrible, but largely bad, and as a result, we are not okay on the inside. that we held onto when they happened. As a result, there is a huge amount of blocked energy inside. How do we discharge that power? When it does, we unwind and let everything go. the same as?

The lesson – If there is anything to remember from this article, it should be to consider your needs. Never criticise yourself. Or, be unkind. Just glance at it. On the spiritual journey, awareness is always the first step.

Hi, I’m Garima and I write about life experiences. I have several books available on Amazon. Check them out today! Any purchases or KDP reads will be greatly appreciated. If you like my books, do leave a review. Here’s my author page on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B0BQDZXYNV


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    I trashy like Netflix and ice cream!

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  2. This is deep, I like that you talked about root cause analysis, getting to the root is always where to start.

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    Seeds of contemplation…

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