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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Face your Fears 

Fear is an excellent motivator, if you let it motivate you. Fear is also an excellent tool to keep you from succeeding, if you let it. Those that have achieved their dreams have faced their fears and conquered them. Those that are not living their dreams have let fear control them. When you’re contemplating doing something but you’re scared, always ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen? It’s likely that nothing bad will happen. If something bad could happen what are the chances? Usually a tiny chance. If you’re scared to do something, that’s a good sign that you should do it.

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  1. good page. I used to get upset everytime my boss would call me into her office almost sick to my stomach. But 99 out of a hundred times it was just to tell me and ask me something that did the amount to a hill of beans. If I see blue lights coming up behind me I get the same way I don’t know why. I have no tickets nothing illegal and never have. I can be dead on the speed limit and I just almost throw up. It is such a stupid thing.

    Finally I started talking to myself when I would get the call about seeing my boss and tell myself maybe it is something good. Maybe a patisn’t said something good about me. Or something is changing in the way we do things. It helped me a little . I still almost barf if flashing lights are behind me and I have never done anything illegal. Unrealistic fear.

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  2. such truth, i grappled with stepping up to my insecurities this morning and coward in face of adversity. After basking in your warm words of wisdom i pray that my heart has the courage and fortitude to traverse predisposed mental blocks stemming from fear.
    thank you for you uplifting post
    much obliged

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