Keep Fighting

Even when you’re at your weakest and most defeated, crying on the bathroom floor in the foetal position, when the will to live has drained from your body and you can’t imagine taking another step, resilience and strength appear to save you.

Please believe in your ability to keep living, even when it feels so wrong to do so without them. Please believe you are worthy of healing and of moving forward with new eyes, maturity, and self-awareness. Please believe that you can move forward with a heart that has regenerated and become your strongest muscle. Feel it beating inside your chest again, where it belongs. Feel everything, and remember that you’re alive and there is a good reason for it.

You were not born with the intention of only experiencing brokenness, betrayal, and pain. There is so much more out there in this wild world for you if you just hold on for one more second, moment, or laboured breath. Continue to fight. Continue to fight.

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  1. Reaseaorg says:

    Continuing in the face of adversity is so important. It takes rain to find a rainbow

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    1. GS says:


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  2. The hermit says:

    I liked the message. I hit rock-bottom myself once or twice. Getting back up is the best thing to do.

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    1. GS says:

      It’s redemption

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  3. Aish says:

    Super motivational!
    Thanks for sharing!

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