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Change is painful, but inevitable. Sometimes you won’t understand what’s happening, you may think things are not meant to be. You may feel dejected, sad. But STOP!! Stop being miserable, stop giving up. Don’t back down. You are at the dawn of a new lesson in your life. Keep working, don’t stop. Scared of something? Face it with your head held high.The truth is, most people give up on their dream. Most people give up on their dream to live the average lifestyle. But it really doesn’t matter what most people do, because you are different! You will never give up on your dream! You will not listen to the average! You will always listen to the winner in you! You will believe in yourself when no one else does. You will believe in yourself when you have no reason to believe and you will never quit!!

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  1. Well said. Always remember this……God will never bring you to a door he doesn’t plan to bring you through. I always think ” Jesus was sinless, the perfect man and look what he had to suffer through for us. So what’s makes us think we will never suffer or have difficulty in this life?” I have a quote from an inspirational speaker named wayne Dyer who recently passed away. He said, ” When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” No truer words have been spoken. A motivational poster, said something like We reach our goals by not looking at the obstacles. Facing challenges head on will make them easier and less scary the next time you experience similar circumstances. Believe in yourself and believe you can achieve your goals and you will be unstoppable .

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  2. Beautiful quote. I think having the inner strength to overcome obstacles is a value in in itself. It’s not how we fall, but how we get back up that matters. Knowing that we have the courage to stand up and not fall, emotionally is a priceless quality and something to strive for.

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