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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Control your Emotions

It is critically important to allow yourself to feel!  There is no right or wrong to emotions.  So, stop judging how you or others feel.  Love, hate, joy, anger, satisfaction, fear, security, boredom, fulfillment. All these feelings exist for the sole purpose of forcing action, either toward pleasure, fullfillment, and growth, or away from pain. Try to become more aware of what your feelings are trying to tell you.  Appreciate your feelings for making you more aware of the need to pay attention to how a particular life situation is affecting you.  Take intelligent action to satify what your feelings represent–address your deeper need. When you respond to emotions in a conscious way, your self-esteem will begin to soar.  Your life and relationships will immediately improve.  That ensures your emotions are a wonderful gift to your wellbeing and happiness, and will also be a great gift to others in your life. Learn how to effortlessly balance your emotions and find the emotional satisfaction and peace you seek


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  1. This is so true. I’ve always struggled with insecurity and would hate myself when I feel that way and do any and everything to get rid of the feeling…this usually made it worse! I realized just allowing myself to feel insecure at those times and realize that it has nothing to do with anyone but me, made me feel so much better over all and my insecure feelings have lessened over time.

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  2. I’m really happy to see you posting again!! I missed your insight, wisdom, and inspiration. I would disagree that there is no right or wrong on emotions. Problems start when we let negative emotions like fear, boredom, and depression control our time and affect our actions. I do agree with your second point about making a conscious effort to understand our emotions. Once we understand and become self-aware, we can try to control them by reminding us of positive things that make our lives special and unique. Glass half full is better than half empty.

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