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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Take Action

Take a moment and imagine that you’re at the end of your life and have a chance to give your current self some advice. What would you say? Many people find themselves saying things like “spend more time on the things that really matter”. But how often do we actually stop to think about which things in our lives really matter most? And even if we are clear on our priorities, are we actually living in a way that is consistent with them right now?

If I had to choose one quality that increases a person’s chances at success more than anything else, it would be taking action! Action is the key to success. Absolutely nothing is more important than being proactive. No amount of positive thinking, studying, reading books, attending webinars (although these things are important) will ever substitute your taking action.


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  1. My only thought that came to mind is that we should always live life as if we are living near its end, since no one knows the day, nor the hour that this fragile existence may be brought to bear and we cross the bridge into the next stage of life, after this phase ends. This is the primary reason to live proactively, because those we leave behind will benefit from our choice to do so. I think the garden seeds we plant while here are harvested in some cases after we’ve left the house. What choices do we make that determine what others will harvest?

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