Daily Dose of Inspiration – Autosuggestion

My interpretation is that autosuggestion is what we often hear called Affirmations. The movie, The Secret, refers to this process as well through the Law of Attraction. What we think, we attract. We are who we surround ourselves with and we are what we eat. Darwin’s studies of evolution and athletes visualizing themselves participating in their event prior to the actual race, competition, or game day are prime examples of the theory of autosuggestion. Autosuggestion, self-suggestion, affirmations, vision boards and tying a string around your finger all have this in common: they direct our focus both consciously and sub-consciously.

Have you ever heard the quote by Mahatma Gandhi or Margaret Thatcher or Lao Tze that summarily goes like this:
“Thoughts become words, words become action, and action becomes destiny.”
This is the same thing as autosuggestion.

Whether doing a visual meditation or simply trying to remember to go by the grocery store on the way home, we constantly tell ourselves things. We constantly shape our lives with these things we tell ourselves. The instant information and endless distractions that have surfaced with this digital era (aka The Information Age) can distract us from our goals.

Autosuggestion is a practice, it’s something that must be done daily. It demands repetitive focus on what you consider important.


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  1. You write clearly, with good rhythm. I appreciate this post. Raised on prayer, one wonders how akin to “talking to God” all this really is. At night, just as I feel myself about to fall asleep, I visualize the map of the three things I need to remember to do the following day which I have forgotten to put on a To Do list. When I awaken, the three things come immediately to mind. My ed psych professor in college taught us this trick. The brain “saves” whatever we say or do immediately before sleep.

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    • Yes thats a good trick and not just immediately before sleep but do this activity immediately after waking up, even before your feet hit the ground in the morning. This is the time when our conscious mind and its practicality is still not active and hence our subconscious is more open to ideas and imagination.


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