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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Discipline your Mind

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. – Buddha

Disciplining your mind is a process, which empowers your will. The rational or the conscious brain control our mind. The rational brain accepts the thought when it recognizes the real possibility of its success in future. Usually, common sense is over ruled by defeatism and despair, when people believe their goals to be meaningless, impractical, or not achievable in a reasonable time frame. Such beliefs take away the vital nervous energy needed for disciplining the mind.

You have the power to be, do or have anything that you want. Only if you can control the thoughts that come into your mind. Now what I am not saying is stop the thoughts, you & I both know its not possible, thoughts flow and you should Let Them.

Discipline your mind to believes the goal is achievable and worthwhile. You do this and you can achieve anything. If you have a positive thought, don’t attach any disheartening emotions to it..NO!

Patience is the key. Change the emotions related to your goal. Replace all negative thoughts with a positive thought. Replace all negative emotions with positive emotions. Don’t give up. Remember the Law of Creation gives up when you Quit. Don’t quit. If you want it badly, control your emotions and start acting.


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  1. It’s very true, disciplining our mind for preparing against great challenges we’ll face and not losing common sense or faith in our goals is a must, too.👌💫Inspired.

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  2. Thank u for Liking my work
    Had a bit of trouble finding a link to your site – I wld have popped round much sooner!
    I like to follow these Inspirational posts
    Did have a blog on Buddhism/meditation, but need to revive it in th New Year!
    Thank u for this site

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