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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Self Talk

Words and thoughts have their own energy, including self talk. Everything you think and say affects your personal vibration, and the way you feel.

Positive, happy thoughts have a high vibrational frequency, while the energy of negative thoughts has a much lower vibration.

We are also made up of different bodies of energy, all vibrating at different rates. We have a subtle energy body as well as a physical body. So it is logical that the types of thoughts we have will affect the vibration of our whole being. And our vibration affects our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. It also determines what we attract to ourselves. An energy body with a negative or low vibration will attract things to it that also have a negative vibration. A positive or high frequency body will attract other positive things.

The self talk that goes through our head also creates emotions. It is always the thought that comes first, and then the feelings will follow. So the type of inner talk that you have going on will decide how you feel throughout the day.

So what type of mind chatter would you prefer to have? I guess the answer is pretty obvious!


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  1. I like to think a lot and keep quiet until my decision is made. once made, that’s it, I stick to it. If it later realised as a mistake, I fix myself, I wouldn’t worry. Jolly and happy is all I love being. Thank you for stopping by me today, it’s been great seeing you.

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      • Thank you for your response. I smile everyday. When troubles comes, troubles will have to find its way out just like it found its way in as my life has to go on without troubles. I always say that if I did not disturb society, my life keeps moving, Life is to live. Changing places is a must and meeting new people is very exciting. Hugs from London!

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  2. When I realized how my self-pity thought and ‘negative’ reactions to people be they despicable or not, or to life in general was taking such a toll on my holistic wellbeing, I sought and got help. I am getting so so much better and I realize I was my biggest enemy all along. Out all those thoughts now, I am my greates motivation and that definitely means telling myself all what I want to hear to make me hope for a brighter and better Moment each and every day. Sharing these, become natural next… Thank you for these daily doses and happy New Year all the way from sunny Cameroon

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  3. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am impressed and inspired in my visit here. I have most of my life battled with negative emotions. I must confess that my self talk added to my woes. However, in my experience, you never know what triggers what? Does the thought trigger the emotion? Do our feelings and senses trigger our thoughts?

    I have had very happy memories of my childhood summer vacations at my grandmother’s place. There was no hot water plumbing, and my grandmother would heat the water for our bath using the dry leaves that were collected just for that purpose. I live in the big city of Mumbai, and some times, when I smell dry leaves, or fire wood burning, by the daily wage laborer, who is cooking his supper on it, I am transported to my childhood vacations,and filled with feelings of nostalgia and joy. So at times, the thought triggers and causes a chain reaction, at other times, feelings, senses, like smell, hunger, and there are also times when through sheer will power our actions that we initially fake, actually start making us feel and think congruently.

    Remember the time, you were afraid to speak to a group, but you put a bold front, and before you knew it, you were exuding confidence. Random thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions can get the better of us, unless we guide and tap these potential powerhouses for our benefit using the very unique human exclusive faculty of reason.

    This topic has always fascinated me, and I have blogged about the same. I would be happy if you have the time, to read the same, and share your thoughts. Best wishes, Blaise

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