Daily Dose of Inspiration – Inner Conviction

” Throw yourself in utter abandon into the all-consuming fire of inner conviction.” ~ Ernest Holmes

What does it mean? It is easy to understand, but maybe more difficult to do. I must ask myself “What is my inner conviction?” To have conviction means to be determined about something. “All-consuming” means it is the only thing that is driving you, overriding all else.

What is my all-consuming inner conviction about? It is to live completely as God: No more doubts, no more side-tracking. Yes, we are God as God sides within us. We are as important as the universal power within us which makes us capable of achieving anything and everything that we want.

All we need is inner conviction to keep at a goal and believe that it is already true till the time it becomes a reality. Read this last sentence again if you like because this is the whole crux of fulfilling your desires.

So, Today, I throw myself in utter abandon into the all-consuming fire of the inner conviction of a life as God. I have dominion of my own life. I am Cause. I am Law. I am Form. It’s all one thing and I am It! This is my inner conviction. And so It is! And so Be It!!

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  1. Love the post and exact knowing of oneself. I often think of this, A man and woman has a child, within he/she is the total essence of the two. Genetic makeup and such as blended/merged, and more of who the parents are such as traits and so on. They are separate and still one within the makeup as individuals. Meaning in a sense the baby is born/created in parents image and in their own likeness.

    Take a step back as it is written God said let us make man/woman in our own image and likeness. And we call ourselves Children of God. Now returning to the couple who has a baby. That child grows into adulthood correct? So if one would have that perspective saying we are a Child of God, growing into adulthood. Yet difficult to understand or even knowing just how or what is truly happening. And none of us has reached full adulthood but as in all things some reach maturity at different stages. Yet none of us has reached our full glory if wished to be expressed that way.

    Also just as I finished writing the above came to mind each of us has different viewpoints and perspectives some may consider the post as not conceited but convinced. I say this not to insult but speaking as in a positive confirmation as you relate with who you are. And my reply above as total nonsense!! In any case whatever or whoever and however one wants to look at it. We are all family period.

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    1. I am speechless ..:) Great Words!! Thank you, thank you and thank you !!

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  2. We are God….I love the thought….but then why are we so fickle at times? Where does the conviction vanish at times?

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    1. It’s because we have forgotten what it feels like to be God..we always believe in what our senses tell us..but we have to look within not without

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  3. There is great importance in recognizing your inner conviction; it is the knowledge, in all circumstances, of your personal motivation.

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  4. gpavants says:

    Hello Empress,

    When God is at work in us by his Spirit the world is changed. I hope you keep letting Him work through the truths that you put out there daily.

    Thank you,


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    1. Oh wow..!! Thank you Gary. You have inspired me many folds to continue my work.
      Best to you


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