Daily Dose of Inspiration – Be Fearless

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

You can’t let anything stand in your way when accomplishing your goals, especially when that obstacle is fear. Fear of failure. Who hasn’t thought that multiple times in their lives?  The odds may or may not be in your favor at first, but we promise that perseverance, dedication and passion will get you to your goals, whatever they may be. Be fearless of failure.

When it comes to emotions, including fear, your brain can’t differentiate between what it imagines and what’s actually happened in the real world. If you repeatedly rehearse something in your mind, while at the same time visualizing yourself as being calm, confident and collected, your behavior in the real world will imitate your imagination.

So Fake It till You Make It..!!! Don’t let fear get the best of you. You are worth much more.



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  1. evanlaar1922 says:

    Your self-talk suggestion is more than just imagination – you should call it what it is – best be careful that this world does not become your reality – other than that a great pep for the new year on not letting fear rule. My suggestion – love – perfect love will even cast fear out just in case it does not pass through you…

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    1. Love is the answer to everything. I like that thought. Thank you

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  2. Reblogged this on ayékòótóFMD and commented:
    Fear paralyses and weakens US. Faith is the opposite of fear and the weapon to defeat fear. Have faith in yourself, others and God.

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    1. Thank you!! Glad you liked it..!!!


  3. imipresents says:

    Thank you for this, it has inspired me! ☺

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    1. And thank you for inspiring me back :). It’s nice to get feedback from readers
      Best to you

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  4. chris jensen says:

    Yeah, fake it until you make! Best defence is a very crafted offence…

    All said an done by a quote by Gandhi!

    We’ll be left stand, when those emotions have passed..


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    1. Exactly, we have to be aware of our emotions, just watch them as a third person. Don’t let them affect you in anyway. Just them be, let them pass. Thank you so much for this thought.
      Best to you

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      1. chris jensen says:

        i don’t believe my thoughts were original,
        didn’t that old man say; “After everything has passed we’re left standing alone!”

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      2. Ah yes…thoughts are vibrational things, they hop from one person to another. If no action is taken on a thought, it goes back to the universe only to return again from someone to pick it up and take action on. Beautiful thought. Thank you for this train of thought…:):)
        Best to you


      3. chris jensen says:

        Interesting theory…

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  5. This dose of inspiration is profound enough to last for a week! From my own experience it seems that not allowing myself to be controlled by fear is the key to opening doors.

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    1. Fantastic…be inspired for the entire week!! Share it with other and help them out of you wish. Fear of the unknown is the only thing that hold us down. Don’t let it get to you!!
      Best to you.

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    1. Glad you liked it. 🙂

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      1. Thanks that you wrote it.

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  6. Fear creates hate. I agree, we must try to focus our thoughts and know we are safe, believe we are confident and capable and doing what we want to be doing

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    1. Exactly…:):) Fake the confidence till you make it!!!


  7. Andrei says:

    “So Fake It till You Make It..!!! Don’t let fear get the best of you. You are worth much more.”-such powerful words! I absolutely agree!
    I’ve coined a quote which resonates to this some time in the past: “Fear is one thing. To let fear look you in the eyes and stare you down is another”
    Love your post. Keep it up!

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    1. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post. It will become an inspiration to one of my upcoming post.
      Best to you

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  8. Andrei says:

    Thank you! I’ll be looking forward to that 🙂
    All the best too!

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  9. ajaykohli says:

    Fear is actually to an extent unbalanced serotonin and dopamine ,sometimes you need to take medicines to balance it .

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  10. AYENI says:

    Fear is an inevitable phenomena of man.

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    1. Fear is the inner fuel to keep us going.!!!


  11. I think fear of success is the most insidious of fears, because it can go undetected. I have seen many suffer from this and will deny it with a vengeance. Although success/failure are the same as far as the fear.
    But, fear is good too. I don’t fear fear itself. I love conquering it, doing something fearing failure, not knowing what I am doing, and then, (like in the case of my first time working on a car more seriously, when I rebuilt the upper engine, so not a small task) hearing the engine roar to life was immensely satisfying. To this day, I have done that repair and others, and none have given me that feeling. The fear had left me.

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    1. Thanks a lot for sharing a beautiful personal experience. It’s a great example to show how to overcome fears and detach from the emotion.
      Best to you

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  12. gpavants says:




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